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Top Euro working Line Pups Dinoso

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2 females(dark Sable) available.

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1 male (Back Sable) available

2 females(dark Sable) available.


I Own Both Father and Mother to this litter we train with DFW Working Dogs in Dallas Texas.

Afroman Brama's Pedigree

Father Afroman Brama Afroman is BH, IGP1 (V), IGP 2 (V), IGP3 (SG) Hip: 0/0 - Elbows: 1/0

Afroman Is a rare Eros vom Tapferen Krieger son,  Afro is an amazing example of what a working dog should be always clear headed, always wants to work. Extremely high energy. But can go with you wherever you go. and lounge around the house when not working competing or training. Beautiful off switch

Pepper Z Udoli Upy's Pedigree

Pepper Z Udoli Upy . Pepper has her BH and will be competing for her IGP 1 during the Spring of 2021 Hip:0/0 - Elbows:0/0

Pepper is a Dinoso Vom Eisernen Kreuz daughter and a Maternal granddaughter of Pike Del Lupo Nero She is amazingly bred. Pepper is a high energy dog and an excellent companion she is a sweet dog.. She has excellent working ability and aims to pleaseher handler.

Both DM tests are clear.

This litters bloodlines trace back to: ,

Eros vom Tapferen Krieger (Eros was the next up and coming great European Stud dog. He was sold to an investor in China shortly in his career)(Eros is one of the most beautiful Bi-color German Shepherd Dogs you will ever see.

Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz.(Top Producer in Europe and brother to the 2017 WUSV Champion Debby Vom Eisernen Kreuz) (Progeny are dominating the spot of IGP)

Zorro Von Der Mordschau (2013 and 2015 LGA Champion)

Quardes von der Staatsmacht.(Top producer across the world) (Progeny are some of the best produced in the German shepherd world in years)

Pike Del Lupo Nero (another Beautiful dog)(Top Producer used by breeders to improve fight drive and structure, the P litter Del Lupo Nero has all dogs V rated and titled to IPO3, SchH3 and KKL1)

Polly del Lupo Nero(Polly is the 2011 Universal Siegerin)( Polly is an amazing and beautiful Black German shepherd Female)( She is part of the world acclaimed P-litter Del Lupo Nero)

This litter is linebred 3-3 on P-litter del Lupo Nero

Chris Spod Lazov (2013 FCI World Champion, 2013 WUSV Universal Sieger)

Phalko vom Weinbergblick (2008, 2009, 2010 LGA Champion )

Yucca von der Mohnwiese is the top female who produced the super litter with Quardes:

Debby-vom-Eisernen-Kreuz : 2017 German championship, second place. 2017 World champion WUSV First time ever a female is the champion!

Dinoso-vom-Eisernen-Kreuz: German top national compete many times, He also produce many litters all over the world with many of his offspring compete at national and world level!

Dina-vom-Eisernen-Kreuz: German top national compete many times, 2018 first place in German regional, 16 place German National.

Dexter vom-Eisernen-Kreuz: 2017 US National champion, number 10 at 2016 World Championship WUSV.


Dinoso Eisernen Kreuz, Eros vom Tapferen Krieger, Zorro Von Der Mordschau, Pike Del Lupo Nero, Chris Spod Lazov, Ellute Von Der Mohnweise, Phalco Vom Weinberblick , Quardes Staatsmacht . These above studs are proven to produce Strong bites. nice temperament, and reproduce themselves in their offspring, you can find their offsprings competing year after year at the world championship WUSV or World CHampionships FCI and countless National Championships

This litter's puppies would be suitable for Police Work, Military,. sport, IGP, French Ring, Personal protection, K9 sports or active families. We expect this litter to producer not only top competition dogs, but excellent temperament dogs for active families.

These puppies are expected to be gorgeous and have great confirmation

AKC registration, Health guaranteed 30 Months for hips and elbows with the requirement Xrays and OFA grade results of hips and elbows to validate the health warranty.

10% discount for LEO, First Responder , Service Men & Women.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone

Top Euro working Line Pups Dinoso


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