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by Hundmutter on 17 April 2021 - 02:04

@Jill, like you I tend to leave it to the medically trained experts, and on any rare comments or guessed assessments I make on x-ray photos posted here I point out that its only my opinion, my best guess because I'm not a radiologist, nor am I a long-term experienced breeder who has become used to seeing plates, good & bad.

But you do need to be aware that there are some people - like Fred Lanting - who have been doing this, mostly in conjuncton with the trained medical experts, since 'god was a boy'. There are also members of this board who, maybe in additon to having been long-term breeders of the GSD and having many dogs go through the HD system, do have vetmed experience and training. Even if they do not always repeat that fact in every post. I would happily at least listen to their 'best guesses'. That never precludes getting the actual results, whether those be OFA or KC/BVA, or any other Board.

Declarations that they are BS-ing can therefore be laughably inaccurate. Not to mention rude.
There is no offence in [politely] querying someone's view of posted pix. Any more than there should be any offence in asking a Board to take another look if you think there may be an error in their verdict. And as to the comparison: yes, mistakes sometimes happen; but e.g. some bone fractures can be VERY difficult to read and even trained Radiologists have been known to miss things !


by Koots on 18 April 2021 - 12:04

by Jillmissal:

Not super stoked on the hips, elbows look good. Positioning on hips looks not great. Caveat: not a vet, not even remotely qualified to assess these things.

The way that people want to make definitive statements about things they are absolutely untrained to do is just scary and does need to be challenged. 

Oh, you mean like this one that Rik posted?

by Rik:

I am no expert on reading hip xrays, but I do think BT is correct on that it's a poorly positioned film and really nothing stands out to suggest there is a problem with them.

Everybody has a right to state what they see on the xray image, especially when replying to a thread posted to solicit replies - heck, you've done that youself - and yes, I did see your caveat and included it in the quote.   Some of the replies to these threads come from people who've seen A LOT of films and have a good/great idea of what to look for, despite not having a bunch of DVM initials after their names.   So, Jill, unless you are NOT going to make ANY statement on things you are not trained to do (and that includes nutrition), then please don't berate others who are replying to posts on the subject just as you've done yourself.   If we all had to be an 'expert' (however that is quantified) on the subject matter to make a comment, these forums would be a wasteland.   

et vivere, reservate




by Rik on 19 April 2021 - 21:04

I did a survey a few years ago. and let me just say right up front I'm not a scientist.

but according to my results approximately 50% of veterinarians finished in the bottom 1/2 of their class.

my conclusion was, well, no conclusion.

just take it for it's worth,



by Rik on 19 April 2021 - 21:04

SS, Fred has actually trained vet's on taking acceptable OFA x-rays. It's not something they automatically know because they are a vet.

Last time I talked to him, he was big on Penn Hip, I did one and he assisted the vet. I'm really not convinced one is better than the other and I do wonder about the extra stress placed on the hips is worth it.

but, I'm always open to advice,



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