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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

TOP young talented female for sale!

Sent by VeronikaMatouskova

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Vendy Vamoz Bohemia 


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HD/ED 0/0, DM N/N (clear)




I offer my very special girl - 20 months old female Vendy for sale. Vendy is from my czech kennel "Vamoz Bohemia". She is defence trained, with great potential to be an PSA dog. She loves balls and protection and she loves her family. She would be a great part of active family. She is very good with males/females, very kind to children and people, but she can be also a great guard dog. She is obedient but not IGP obedience trained. I would like to sell her just to a great family and keep in touch. 

She is used to live on the garden or inside in the crate. She is clean.

Vendy has top pedigree, she could be a breeding female too. 

She is healthy - official FCI xrays result HD/ED 0/0, and DM clear. 

Export pedigree for full registration AKC!!!

Contact me for more info. We have experience with selling and shipping dogs.


Dr. Veronika Matouskova

Whatsapp: +420723406063




TOP young talented female for sale!


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