German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Black 6 year old GSD (id: 286031)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Black 6 year old GSD

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Experienced human ONLY for this dog. Jager is a 6 year old black purebred German Shepherd.  He is quite a nervous boy, with major separation anxiety issues.  We are working on these issues with him and is showing signs of improvement and is on medication.  He has had basic obedience training in his puppy years and listens well to commands.  Great for grooming and nail trims. We are looking for a special home for Jager with an ENERGETIC ACTIVE SINGLE HUMAN or a COUPLE with NO CHILDREN who will commit to being with him most of the time.  He loves rides in the car, goes into stores, and is easy to control when in these situations, but sometimes he will require discipline. He is food motivated.  He loves to play ball!  In the house he is well behaved once he settles down.  Like most German Shepherds, he will follow you everywhere!  He becomes very whiny when he wants something or when he is uncomfortable which we are working to correct. Good at alerting to strangers. Because of his insecurity issues, it is NOT recommended that Jager is around children or adults who are not able to pick up on his cues.  He has been known to growl, show teeth and bite when startled or unsure of a situation. Adoption Fee is $650.00

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