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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Young beautiful female

Sent by Maveka

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I am offering for sale a 13-month-old female from my Kennel Maveka. Her name is E-tron (Rony). Mather: Carrin Deabis Hejro, Father: Christo Zdekra. Rony is very activ and temperament, but easy to handle. She loves water (swimming). Hight food drive. She grows up with a child and other dogs. Selective breeding, FCI pedigree (pink pedigree). Pre-X-ray hips, elbow, spine ok (available). She is good for breeding, friendship and family protection. Her mather is very good mather.(she had two litters of ten puppies). Good Price Please contact me for more information and photos: email:, or messenger: Vendula Palíková We are from Czech Republic

Video: E -Tron Maveka - YouTube



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