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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

!!TOP puppies for reservation!!

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 Our FCI kennel Vamoz Bohemia is offering puppies for sale 

The Vamoz Bohemia kennel was established in 2014. Until 2020, we bred the entire alphabet of puppies that found their families around the world. My goal is to raise individuals with good health, with strong nerves, with very good protective instincts, with great on / off and typically the beautiful exterior of a German Shepherd. 

We work only with TOP individuals who can handle the training and who become uncompromising protectors of the family. Our dogs live with us in the house, they are used to a kennel, but also to stay in the garden. We give them the best living conditions. From an early age, we get used to various real situations, we get acquainted with the surrounding city traffic, with children, other dogs. We teach them to defend under very difficult conditions. Our dogs are our family members as well as their new owners.


Our 5 "TOP": 
- 🔝 living conditions of dogs
- 🔝 feeding
- 🔝 veterinary care
- 🔝 relationship
- 🔝 training

More about us, our kennel and references :

❌❌❌---> HERE <---❌❌❌








(IGP3 Fury Aritar Bastet x ZVV1 Rafael Aykmar)

More about a litter ---> HERE

We have for sale 2 black females! 



(IGP3 Ike vom Teufelshang x ZVV1 Nike z Klidkova Dvora)

Nike gave birth 12 puppies - 8 males and 4 females - all puppies are sable color

* 18th February 2021


We expect puppies with great potentional for sport or personal/family protection. Both parents are high drive with perfect on and off switch, they are trutly protectors. 

They have inborn full grip and very intense real defence. 

Puppies are regulary dewormed, 2 times vaccinated, chiped (+EU pas) and ready to go in 10 weeks. They will receive an export pedigree for full registration by AKC: 

Puppies are under constant veterinary control. We get used them for differents situations, people and surfaces. We are developing their prey drive and food drive. We use only superpremium dry food and meat. 

We have many experience with shipping a dogs worldwide, so dont hesitate to contact me. 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🛫

⭐️Vamoz Bohemia kennel⭐️

Dr. Veronika Matouskova

Whatsapp: +42072346063



!!TOP puppies for reservation!!


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