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by Key4 on 27 May 2021 - 23:05

I did a post about a year ago that my dog ears were floppy and I did a blood test on him and it came back 75% gsd.. do that have something to do with it?


by Koots on 27 May 2021 - 23:05

I would say most definitely the ears not standing are a result of that.


by Hundmutter on 28 May 2021 - 02:05

Don't think you can be quite so 'definite' about it. Its certainly very likely to be a purely genetic cause, but that could also be true in a dog that is 100% GSD, it doesn't need to be a quarter some other breed to trigger it.

Read two concurrent threds on here:

"Floppy ears in German Shepherds - Genetical (sic) issue ?"


" Understanding genetics - please help me understand."       for quite a full discussion on what can cause soft ear carriage, including in the second thred a dog which is over 75% GSD (+ Alaskan Malamute).

by Key4 on 28 May 2021 - 14:05

75% gsd 15%Belgium malinois 15%other


by Koots on 28 May 2021 - 15:05

Ok, the ears not standing COULD BE a result of a cross, but there are pure GSD that have ears standing problems too. But in a cross with a percent of 'other' it's a guessing game.


by Hundmutter on 28 May 2021 - 16:05

Yep, always is.


by Prager on 04 June 2021 - 13:06

it's a mix-breed and his ears are down. What else is there to talk about? If the "other" is a basset hound what is the chance that the ears down are coming from GSD or Mali?


by Hundmutter on 04 June 2021 - 13:06

Fair point Hans !


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