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by Hundmutter on 25 May 2021 - 12:05

And the dogs clearly recognise the person filming.

by LarizeMagnum on 25 May 2021 - 15:05

I was thinking the same thing, lady speaking on the videos knows all the dogs and how they have been living, and now only brings it to light?? Hopefully she gets charged as an accomplice at least.

Those poor dogs, I am so glad I looked her up on here before we considered to get a pup from her.

by AMW on 25 May 2021 - 16:05

Those poor dogs! I watched all the videos including the one of the pup who couldn't even walk because her feet were so sore and irritated from the living conditions... absolutely heartbreaking. I hope all of the dogs get out of there not just the ones owned by the narrator and other people.

by astrovan2487 on 25 May 2021 - 20:05

When are they going to actually start punishing people for doing sick crap like this? If you aren't going to give them jail time then put a lien on their income like they do for dead beat parents that owe child support to pay for the vet bills and cost of taking care of the dogs. Even if you dont give a crap about the dogs, the financial strain a situation like this puts on animal control and shelters is enough that something needs to change drastically in the way these people are dealt with.


by AngelicDevil11 on 26 May 2021 - 00:05

The person who recorded the videos did live there for 9 months. She went hoping to find a mentor in the breed and ran into that mess. I don't know what went thru her mind... She stayed for 9 months. Not sure if she thought it was fixable or if they had a falling out so she turned on Judy or what... but I do know she lived and kept dogs there of her own, and partook in a few breeding's. She was the main caretaker since Judy is wheelchair bound. Washed, worked with, fed and whatnot.


by rakeshausky on 26 May 2021 - 23:05

The woman in those videos is none other than Lacey Ford. She has received criticism from those in her local area before she moved to Judy's from Evansville, IN. She apparently took someone's dog in for a service dog board and train and the condition that dog came back to it's owner in was appalling. Prior to Lacey moving with Judy, she had been working with Judy co-owning dogs with her for quite some time.


by Koots on 28 May 2021 - 14:05