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by GSCat on 20 January 2021 - 05:01

Pretty much like teaching any other alert (odor, sound, light, etc.)

Teach the dog the desired signal/behavior for the alert using the established training reward.

Teach the dog to alert to a recording(s) of the heart obtained when the person was in afib using the established training reward.

Proof by ensuring the dog both alerts to the abnormal recording(s) and doesn't alert to a normal recording of the heart.

Reassess and reinforce training periodically.

Keep records, just like any other dog trained to alert to a stimulus.

I don't know if any random recording of afib would work or not, since afib can vary from individual to individual. There are sound clips of various normal and abnormal heartbeats available online, and there are several ways to record a heartbeat posted online.

Dogs can hear better than we can, so the recordings don't have to be loud enough for people to hear/discern the difference.

I don't know if the dog would need additional training if the person's heart condition(s) change, but I'd definitely assess to determine.

Not medical advice.


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