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by GSCat on 22 November 2020 - 09:11

Once the puppies start chewing (earlier than you think), pick them up so they don't choke, get a blockage, etc.

I'd rather clean than run to the vet.

Your dog may also give you a funny look when her labor starts because she hasn't had this experience. Ditto for when the puppies really start moving around. One dog I had figured out how to watch the puppies moving around while she was sitting in front of the mirror. At first she was a little afraid of it, then she was curious and tried to paw, then she thought it was kind of funny, and then she got really, really tired of it. She was really huge for her size at the end because of the size of the litter and the size of the puppies. She was the "happiest" dog I ever had, but the last couple days before whelping she was really unhappy and depressed and tired and dragging butt.

This dog had 1 more puppy than teats. Count the number on your dog (probably 10) and make sure there are enough for all the puppies. Some teats will be better than others, and some places are warmer than others, so you may have to rotate puppies. For sure if there are more puppies than teats. Mom may also immediately kick a puppy or two (or more) out of the litter if she can't take care of them all, so you'll have to be ready to help. We rotated the rejected puppy onto Mom, and sometimes had her feed all by herself, but we did a lot of hand feeding. Our female cat tried to nurse her, and the puppy tried to nurse on her, but sincethe cat didn't have any kittens at the time, she had no milk. Mom later kicked two other puppies out of the litter, but by then, weaning was well under way, so no real problem.


by Blksableworkingdogs on 02 December 2020 - 20:12