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by Koots on 17 October 2020 - 13:10

If you want a young adult that is proven in temperament & hip/elbow health, then contact 'duke1965' on here or go to:

As a dog broker, trainer & breeder, Herby has seen and gets many good dogs in Europe.

Conversely, look at rescue agencies that specialize in GSD, like WA GSD Rescue (there are many others in various States).   I got a working lines GSD from this agency years ago.  She was actually the daughter of a world champion working dog (Zidane v haus Sevens), and through no fault of the dog, ended up in rescue.

If you want a GSD as a companion mostly and a watch dog/protector then an 'assessed' dog in rescue may be enough for your purposes.   Mine was for me at that time, as I was not participating in sport with her.


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