Questions about Conformation show and FCI recognized Registration - Page 2

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by Hundmutter on 04 December 2019 - 16:12

Yes Klossbruhe, very much the case ! But I like to check the things I am not sure of on the USA 'scene' !!!
& Just opening up the topic so all sides are covered, for whoever is reading. ;-)

It should be noted however there are a few dogs in both AKC and the UK's KC 'Alsatian' type rings which carry a greater proportion of German breeding than most; some of them even look a little more Germanic / International than do most of their competition. Many newer owners of GSDs may not always appreciate why their dogs are 'getting thrown out with the rubbish' because they do not fit the distorted conformational requirement. But then, both 'sides' say that about each other ...

The essence is whether the individual dog can, and does, work.


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