German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Imported from Czech Republic (id: 286410)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Imported from Czech Republic

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SMOKE is a medium sized German Shepherd dog, with an imposing dark sable coloring. This dog gets complements where ever you take him. He is fully obedience trained (on and off leash). He is the best companion anyone can ask for. This boy is loyal and looking to please his handler (once a bond has been established). He is a great family dog/ good with older kids. He is an excellent deter dog, and will alert if he feels danger. He is a very strong dog, with an imitating bark, he is also very high energy and needs an experienced handler. He will need someone that will spend time with him, and give him a job. He does not get along with strangers, he does not get along with other dogs or small animals. His favorite activity is swimming.

Full FCI and AKC pedigree : Droow Dark Renagles


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