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Pups are the Tempelhoeve type 3 males

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Please excuse the lack of photos in this ad.  It is not from a lack of trying.  Problems on the site will not let me post photos.  We are all working on it.

To get information to you, I have posted the puppies' information, photos and vet check on DropBox. Vargas Lektro W2 Litter

The puppies that are for sale have been postted on PDB so that you can see them and note the information in the Comments section.


 Vargas Lektro Wrusty

Vargas Lektro Wrangler

 Vargas Lektro Wout

Vargas Lektro Wrowdy


The pups are the Tempelhoeve type.  Beautiful heads with full black masks and competitive conformation.  The pups when grown will look like the beautiful dogs below from Tempelhoeve. 

Tempelhoeve Type

The litter was bred in the Netherlands and whelped in the USA.  The proven dam, Martha von Lacroz, was from a small breeder in Germany.  I bred Martha to Fury van de Tempelhoeve because he produces health, good character, nerve and beautiful dogs that can work.  I was a fan of his grandsires, VA Enosch and VA It Kimbo v d Tempelhoeve. 

I bred this litter for a female puppy for me.  Guaranteed, the puppies will be AKC full Registered.  The overall quality of the litter met my expectations of health, nerve, no disqualifying genetic faults and competitive conformation.  I am keeping a female with which to go forward for my last breedings.  All testicles have descended by six weeks and the vet checks have been unremarkable. 

I have been breeding superior GSDs since the mid 1980s.  I have never breed pet litters nor litters for the money.  I breed for myself for dogs with which I can improve the gene pool.  I do not breed challenged GSDs, but only the healthiest, sound, biddable, solid nerved dogs with highly functional conformation.  I research the blood and only breed with blood that carries the sound genetic traits I am looking to enhance.  It is delusional for a breeder to go forward with pups in a faulty litter.  I must have a fine example of a GSD at the end of my leash, nothing less for sure.  I don't sell dogs that I would not want to own and have at the end of my leash. 

Fury stamped the litter.  Adri, Fury's owner and a reputable breeder since the early 1980s, said, “the litter was Fury's type.  The breeding was a good combination.” 

The pups have great nerve, calm demeanor, with strong food and pack drive.  They have substance and powerful bone, tight rounded feet, strait fronts, firm ligaments.  Their coats are posh with dark pigment and dense saddle.  There were no long coats in the litter.  They have excellent angulation front and rear with long stifles.  Their movement is clean and free.  Their bodies have well balanced height to length proportions.  Their strong backs have no roach or nicks.  Their top lines flow out of high withers with well-set long saber tail and a long underline.  Good ear sets are showing action.  Their almond shaped black eyes give great expression.  They have a nicely shaped handsome head with a pronounced stop.  They are very showy puppies giving great impression.  The entire litter at this point is very promising as competitive conformation prospects.

The pups have been raised in a clean environment.  The pups were raised on Human Grade Food and are now transitioning to Purina Pro Plan Puppy.  The pups have had two combo shots with no Lepto and two unremarkable vet checks.  The pups have never had worms, ergo, they have not suffered any degradation from worms.  They were dewormed in vivo through the dam and two times after whelp with Panacur.  The pups are now doing well with their crate training. 



Sire:  Fury v d Tempelhoeve


    Fury Head Shot   Fury Stacked


Please view videos and Fury’s information at his breeder's website:  Fury


Dam:  Martha v Lacroz   Martha Head Shot  Martha Stacked

Contact information:  PDB messaging system or WhatsApp text 479-366-8233.  If you wish to have a personal discussion, kindly text your cell/text number and I will contact you as soon as I am able. 

Thank you for your interest in my litter. 

Vargas Lektro W2 Litter Pictures and Health Information

  Pups are the Tempelhoeve type  3 males

3 Males available: Vargas Lektro Wrusty


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