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by bladeedge on 17 February 2021 - 10:02

Hired Dog

by Hired Dog on 17 February 2021 - 12:02

Very nice obedience routine Blade, I like your dog.


by Hundmutter on 17 February 2021 - 12:02

I just love seeing a dog working precision Obedience with a happy wagging tail.


by bladeedge on 18 February 2021 - 08:02

Thank hired appropriate your comments .🙏 Hund working a dog in the correct drive with the correct dose and timing the dog should always be happy in what ever work he does .happy dog happy tail 🙂

by GSCat on 18 February 2021 - 18:02

Very nice.

I'm jealous ;-)


by bladeedge on 19 February 2021 - 16:02

Great thanks 😊

by Nans gsd on 20 February 2021 - 14:02

Wouza, very impressive obedience, how long did this take you to train him like that??


by bladeedge on 20 February 2021 - 17:02

Hi nans iv being working this dog for about a year between pp obedience crowd control .he has a lot more to his obedience when other stuff is introduced .control over off lead obedience when sent to protect distances control while protecting .ill try make a video of sending in for a bite emergency stop hell back to me only move when the threat is active but for real .


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