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Belgian Malinois - Puppies for sale

Malinois puppies from KNVP lines

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Belgian Malinois puppies. Both mom & dad of this litter are KNVP PH1. Puppies have had first shots, are fully paper trained, crate trained, dewormed, harness/leash training, and have begun obedience training. They have also begun bite work training and scent detection training. They are raised around children, other dogs, and cats. They also have been taken on several car rides and trips to stores to give them exposure to the world so they will be excellent family dogs, as well as be excellent protection & detection dogs. Both parents are excellent protection dogs and very good socially. Mom is trained in detection and protection. Dad is trained in protection. 1 Grandmother is a dual purpose police certified police dog for narcotics detection and patrol work. Other grandmother is certified in detection and is KNVP PH1. Both grandfathers are KNVP PH1 certified. This is the 2nd litter from these 2 parents. Many of the puppies from the first litter are currently serving as military police dogs and as civilian police dogs. Others are service dogs for veterans or are family protection dogs.

Malinois puppies from KNVP lines


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