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Coda Sigmon x Talon Graubaer’s Von Drachen Belgian

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Pups will be introduced to a kennel and basic obedience by 8 weeks of age. They will go home with AKC registration, first set of shots, dewormed 3x and vet records with shots/physical done. Puppies will be socialized in a variety of environments to ensure a stable and confident adult dog. They will grow up inside with plenty of outdoor exposure and will be around other dogs, so desensitization and handling are a given. Both parents on site. Will send pedigrees to both parents. Both the sire and dam are OFA certified. Coda (dam) this will be her 2nd litter. She had a litter in March 2020. We skipped a heat and will breed again on March 2021. As far as Talon my male he’s sired 4 litters since I’ve owned him (got him in July 2020) As far as breeding Belgians I have been breeding and training both Belgians and German Shepherds since 1998. I know the breed well. I’m not going to come off to a “know it all” because we all have room to grow and learn but, I have the experience least to say. Puppies from our last litter went for search and rescue, narcotic work and 3 others are in training now for IPO and one went to NY to be on a sled team. But I also do sell them to families that want a protection dog/family dog. I do evaluate each family before approving a puppy to said family. I just want the best for the puppy and for YOU. I learn about you and your lifestyle and go from there. We release puppies at 8 weeks of age. Little history of the dam (Coda) her grandfather is Ebor ot Vitosha. He has absolutely dominated the IPO sport in USA! He won the American WorkingDog Federation IPo 3 Championship in 2015 and 2016. He has also won the American Working Malinois Association IPO 3 Championship 2014, 2015, 2016!!! Ebor was in our opinion also the best dog at the FMBB 2015 where he placed 4th while most people who watched the competitions believed he won the championship but sometimes the politics are strange even in the dog sports 🙁 Ebor’s highest placement at FCI IPO World Championships was 6th. Her great grandfather is Qenny ot Vitosha. Qenny is the one and only American bred dog of any breed to ever win the title World Champion. In 2007 Qenny won the “triple crown” in dog sports – He became the All breed American Champion, All Breed World Champion and Belgian Shepherd World Champion, yes all 3 in the same year. There’s more titles in the pedigree which I’ll send for you to check out. Talon’s dad is Graubaer’s Boker. He has two direct sons still living. I own one and my partner owns his brother. Boker is also featured on the tv series “person of interest” as “bear” just a small fun fact. Boker also FCI IPO world champion in 2014. 2012 Regional and National champion. IPO3 Boker was known by many. Many loved him. Talons grandfather is Qenny ot Vitosha. Again I’ll send pedigrees to both parents for you to check out and do your research.


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