Simple pedigree chart for Horsebo Renaessance (1647309)

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son of VA Cyrus Osterberger Land SG72 Sieger show
Male for sale

Accepting Deposits -DAM- Daughter of VA1 Gary Vom
Puppies for sale

Male for sale

Simple pedigree chart for Horsebo Renaessance

Horsebo Renaessance
DKCH EUW04 NORDUCH Nice of You To Come Bye Mojo
Nice Loek of the Heart of Lothian
Nicky of white Mountain Austria
Falco von Finn
Dapper Dan Von Finn
(AKCD191813 (White))
Hoofprint Itsa
(CKCNJ 240402)
Mansha's Mankota Keswick
CH Gozer the Destroyer CD, OVC
(AKCDL51641701 (White))
Mansha's Magical Mystery Tour CD, HC, OVC
(CKCXY 922191)
Grendel von Grandy
(NHSBVR 13999)
Royal Dakota Duke
Tumbledowns My Girl Vada
(AKCDL45462106 (White))
Angy White Lady von der Mainschleife
Dixi White Lady von Werntal
Dolores of Martin's Roseville
Shadowvalley's Loftboy of USA
UKC CH Moses Lacsar von Tasz TD, TT, CANCD, CGC
(AKCD618245 12-88)
Sherman's Weiss Schnee Bar
(AKCWE796536 8-82 (White))
Pipoly's Little White Tasz
(AKCD017426 White)
Regalwise Rinny Tin von Tasz
WGSDCII CH Regalwise Ideal Reka CDX, U-CDX, CAN CD, TD, CGC, HC, RXO
(AKCD414745 White)
Hoofprint Wynette
Hoofprint Sundance
(CKCVU727016 DL37638001 12-91)
Hoofprint Lancelot
Hoofprint Charlene
Hoofprint Fancy
Hoofprint Lanna
(CKCTW590234 White)
DKCH EUW05 NORDUCH Enjoy of white Sunshine
SLOCH Morgan von Diamond
Tanga von Christon Schultz
(AKCDL5235521/01 White)
Lobo King of the Rockies
(AKCDL420838/04 6-94 White)
Royal King of the Rockies
(AKCD960568 White)
Blancas Royal Joy Kelly
(AKCD960569 White)
Greta von Christon Schultz
(AKCDL43805807 White)
Moonlight Snowy Prince JR
(AKCDL30071103 White)
Palomina von Christon
(AKCDL34637004 White)
Bamby von Palatinallinie
NLSG,CAC Amcar (NHSB QQ 5043)
Blanca of the First Choice
Ida von Savaria
DSG Karen-Laura von Ronanke
Inka vom Werntal
(ÖHZBWS 260/Reg.)
Buddy's Lord Kevin
Day's Best Buddy
Hoofprint Sundance
(CKCVU727016 DL37638001 12-91)
Hoofprint Day Light Star
Tolchuk Jesse
Tolchuk Alana
(WG 784505)
Farah of Majestics THERAPYDOG
Why Not White Alsatian Andusty
Ernesta Gioia vom Werntal BGH1, SCHH1, AD
Bonny vom Fichtenwald

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