Simple pedigree chart for White Wolf O'Connor (1001531)

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Simple pedigree chart for White Wolf O'Connor -

White Wolf O'Connor -
(KCREGAH 00311608)
Cysgod Arian
Gerikesa Dazzler At Jasem HIPSCORE 5/5 (=10)
Vondaun White Casper
Vondaun White Quill
Vondaun White Zaccariah
(EKC I198306251)
Mandasor Cream Silk
(EKC C197701051)
Vondaun Pretty Flapper
Vondaun Devil Piper
Vondaun Racing Wind
Magic White Heather
Vondaun White Pepper
Vondaun Queen's Racer
(EKC H198203181)
Lomali Smartie Pants
Vondaun Silver Blossom
Vondaun White Zola
Oslo Princess
Midnight Silver Snow HIP SCORE 33/19=52 (HD-SCHWER, HD- E!)
Kingsmeadow Well Suited
Kingsmeadow White Hi-De-Hi
Kenar Princess Tara
Sasha Gwyn Of Mahe
Tamara Snow Dream HIP SCORE 3:3 = 6
Amiscus White Eagle
Billalalyn Da-Nish Dream Of Amiscus
Jodia Jossie HIP SCORE 3 / 3 = 6
Vondaun White Olympiad
White Dorita
Aldermaston Eira Wen
Chazlaws Cheyenne Brave At Trezven HIP SCORE 2:2= 4
Amiscus Cheyenne Spirit At Trezven HIP SCORE 5/3 = 8
Westmercon Ace of Amiscus
Midnight White Starr
Billalayn Da-Nish Dream Of Amiscus
White Lima Of Longbeach
Pennwhite Athena Cleopatra Of Chazlaw HIPSCORE 9/6 = 15
Broels Nice N'Easy at Chazlaw
Ice Diamond Of Elzro At Broels
Red Rum Lady Pennwhite HIP SCORE 8/7 = 15
Eternel Beauty
Venus In White Fur At Aldermaston HIP SCORE 3:3=6
Aldermaston Saxon'S Heir HIP SCORE 5/4 = 9
shorebet marcus at aldermaston HIP SCORE 6:9=15 (HD-B2 )
Vanity of Shorebet
Aldermaston Flufkin
Aldermaston Psyche
Raggengill Norma HIP SCORE 18/23= 41 (HD-D= HD MITTEL)
Ragengill Jimmy the Gent
Wadacre Petruska
Ragangill Canape
Regengill Beltain

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