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by Hundmutter on 28 April 2012 - 18:04

"FCI :  77/2007 - GSDs must not be bred or re-registered as WSSDs"
Well that only works as long as you lose the papers from about Generation 3 backwards ...

The UK Kennel Club still does not ' recognise ' White Shepherds (Swiss or otherwise) as a Breed yet; so there is no formal Registration, except on the  separate Activity Register, along with all the other x-breeds and mongrels who are working dogs and companions and do things like Agility, or are Support Dogs of one sort or another.

If a dog is KC Registered as a German Shepherd Dog and it has its hips scored through the KC/BVA
scheme, the results go on the paperwork.  If it hasn't been scored by the breeder or owner, there is no result to record.

Those two reasons explain why people have papers for White Shepherds of European breeding that purely follow FCI Rules,  no UK input on hips or anything else.

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