White Shepherd Female for sale: Perspective female with high potential (id: 270029)

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White Shepherd - Female for sale

Perspective female with high potential

Sent by Nubika

Czech Republic   CZ ←→ Posted from Czech Republic

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FOR SALE * Zum Verkauf * A VENDRE * in vendita * NA PRODEJ

Perspective 18 months old female with high potential. For exhibitions and breeding.


Complete teeth, scissor bite, height 60,5cm, absolute white color without yellow.

HD B, ED 0, DM N / N, MDR + / +, BAER OK

Short coat with a genetic layout for long coat. Very friendly and confident female

Super Parents: Both HD A, ED 0, DM N / N, MDR + / +

Full pedigree: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/white_shepherd/dog.html?id=2797641-lysandra-nubika


More info: Czech Republic



PRICE 3000eu


KENNEL NUBIKA www.nubika.cz



Perspective female with high potential

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