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German Shepherd DogVA11 Guccy vom Heinrichplatz SCHH3 His fullbrother Gigolo vom Heinrichsplatz SchH 3,KKl 1 is avaible to a new owner in my kennel. look at Very best regards Terry ....10.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Pyke von Prevent SchH3More info at ....9.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogAnka vom Ilsegrund SCHH 2Anka vom Ilsegrund SchH 2,BH!! hips and elbows with the best rating of a-normal!! Anka is a great female out of superb workingline bloodlines with gorgeous look and anatomie.Her sire is the Bundessiegercompetitor Rocky vom Gleisdreieck.Grandfather is the two time BSP-Vicesieger Glenn von der Hühnergasse.Grand-grandfather the Vice Worldchampion Manto vom Kahlenbach!!!Including the best DDR studdog ever Lord vom Gleisdreieck!!!On her motherside Anka is part east german as well.Going back to the sire of top producing Vervin Blitsaerd -Robby vom Glockeneck! Anka is the right balanced cross out of the best east and west german bloodlines with super drives and a high willingness to please as well with a great character and temperament.She is a perfect dog for sport,breeding and personal protection as well including a imazing new family member!!!! ....10.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Danjo vom Lepperhof SchH3 IPO3(G-BSP)I love him the way he is! One of the finest dogs! Regards ! Frank ....9 years ago


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