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German Shepherd DogTixi z Berounske bastyCzechBred42, You had access to so many options to re-home Tixi, but you didn't use it. What you've done was so low that I wish their were laws about prohibiting people like you from having animals because you don't deserve the right to have canine companionship, not after what you've done to poor Tixi. You don't even deserve to have a goldfish nor a bonsai plant. Oh and speaking about carrier of bad genes please do us all a huge favor and get yourself serialized and never reproduce. The world would benefit far more without your bad genes littering up the planet thus turning this once beautiful planet into a world of madness. ....6.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Vasco Vikar IPO3, VPG3, SCHH3,wow what a gorgeous dog! Seen some videos of him and WOW! beautiful! ....9.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG(BSZS) Happy vom MessinaWhat a beautiful young lady Happy is. Shes my type of dog. ....11.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogV3 (V17 Mexicano Siegerschau 2005) Fridel von Leaa SCHH2Who owns this male? ....13.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogLikeness GeenaThe owners of this dog should be ashame of themselves for breeding this Hip dysplastic dog! ....13.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Aireddan PaolaThe owners of this dog should be ashame of themselves for breeding this Hip dysplastic dog! ....13.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Aireddan Dusty JK2 ADI seriously doubt that this dog is V rated! The owners of this dog should be ashame of themselves for breeding this Hip dysplastic dog! ....13.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Unkas vom Haus FarrenkopfWhat a gorgeous young male Unkas is! Hope to see more pictures of this boy :) ....13.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogNatt von der KineI would like to tell everybody that Natt was a awesome dog! I knew him and he had absolutely no mean in him (well he sure kicked ass on the field!!!)... His temperament and personality was super! He was a very well bred dog... I and the club will miss this dog dearly... He was a great dog. To my condolence to you Harry and your wife. I hope you guys enjoy Rocky. Hes also a great dog. ....14.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Galaxy von Ajaye SCHH3/HGH/KKL1 LBZsunshine, I cannot attend however I wish you and Galaxy the best of luck at the show... I will be thinking about you 2 ;) ....14.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogMerlin von Conneforde 04 USA & 2006 WDA NAT CH; WUSV 2005 4TH & 2006 3RDWhat a very nice looking male. I had the honor of seeing this male work and was so happy to view this super male. This male typically LOVES pleasing his owner.. A true German Shepherd SHOULD be :) ....14.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Tarak vom Bergischen Tal IPO1what a very nice looking dog! Nice combo of working and show blood! :) ....14.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Alessya van Noort IPO1Are you sure this is a female? Looks like a MALE! ....14.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogMotton vom MailandermannWhat a nice looking male Motton is! What is his background? ....13.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG(INDIA) Faro zum GigelsfelsenWhy is almost half of this dogs face is missing? ....13.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Cash von Wizards Hof SCHH3No hes not orange... somebody photoshopped his picture... It's really sad because I'm sure this dog looks good without all of the photoshopping. ....14 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA4(I) V10 Flipp von Arlett SCHH3Flipp died from bloat. ....13.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogG Zambi von Haus Barkus 2X BH Proof of Earned BH title. HOT ....14.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogVinmin's MeraWhat a very nice looking female you have. ....14.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Farras vom KirschentalIs the Hip rating really true?!?!?! Why was this dog allow to be bred with such poor hip results? This is the reason why theirs such strong Hip Dysplasia genetics in the breed today. ....14.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogLayla Von Boeselager BHTo my deepest condolence to Kelly M Shaw and to her family and friends on the passing of Layla. It seems unfair that such creatures like the German shepherd dog doesn't live as long as some other creatures. Such highly intelligence like the German shepherd should live as long as 50 years! I hope theirs a HUGE schutzhund field in heaven where the judge is indeed the father of our breed. R.I.P. Layla! May you rest in peace :) ....13.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogAnja vom Haus Barkus SCHH3Anja v. Haus Barkus is now a Schutzhund 2 with 96 tracking- 88 obed- 92 In obedience She blew the walking sit (5 points). (Stood instead). ....14.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Aceofnike van het Bleekhof WUSV: VICE-SIEGER, HIGH A, HIGH B, 4X WUSV. SCHH3beautiful! :) ....13.8 years ago
German Shepherd Dogastro vom hauscarrilloWill the owners of Astro please put up a better stack picture? I just love the bone of this dog. ....13.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogAyka vom DillgartenGorgeous dog! ....13.8 years ago


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