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German Shepherd DogPreussen-Sieger Xero Simon vom Kabuschsee BH ADThis is a Stunning male with a Very Nice pedigree. Would like to know who owns this Handsome boy?? ....11 months ago
German Shepherd DogPerle von Hauental IPO A1, FPr1, BHReally like the looks of this female and her pedigree. ....3.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogZavien Vom KraftwerkRIP my Beautiful boy........... 3-28-2002~8-18-2016 ....4.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogImarah vom BoeselagerImarah is at Boeselager German Shepherds. She will be added to our breeding program once health testing, etc is done. ....5.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogHammer vom BoeselagerHammer resides here with us at Boeselager German Shepherds.
6.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogArro Vom BoeselagerWe are looking for the person(s) that own Arro now. Please contact us so we know that he is alright and in good hands. ....8.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogAnka Vom BoeselagerAnka is OFA~DNA Clear of DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).. ....9.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogCierra Von BoeselagerGoodbye my beautiful golden girl. I lost a piece of my heart when I had to say goodbye to you. You will Forever be missed and in our hearts. God bless my gorgeous girl. Love you..... ....10.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogBarrrrrrIt is a sad shame that someone like this person has to stoop that low, but it does happen more than not with people changing the dog's kennel name. This is 1 reason why we register all our puppies in our kennel name before they leave our property. It cost more, but to us it's well worth it. ....10.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogZavien Vom KraftwerkZavien is OFA DNA ~ Clear of Degenerative Myelopathy. His hips are also OFA~Good, and Elbows OFA~Normal. ....10.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogGaya aus dem Tempel der CeresBoeselager Kennels is the proud owner of Gaya. We just imported her from Germany and will have her picture's up soon. ....11.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogGeisha aus dem Tempel der CeresGeisha is proudly owned and loved by Boeselager Kennels :-) ....11.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogCheyenne Vom BeerenhofWhat a gorgeous girl, and a nice pedigree too!!! Would love to see a picture of her on a stand. ....11.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogKatarina vom Alt-OstlandI had a female out of Eik that Judy sent to me with coccidea, and round worms, and only weighed 10 pounds at just over 2 months old. Never owned one out of Henry. Never had coccidea in my kennel before, heck I didn't even know what it was until my vet explained it to me. Thanks to Judy!!! I told Judy about it and all she said was "Thanks for letting me know" I got her nice and healthy and she is now living in Canada and I still get picture's sent to me from her new family. That taught me a huge lesson, and I will NEVER get a dog from her again, nor will I recommend anyone to get a dog from her. I bought 1 dog over the internet from Kraftwerk kennels and never had any kind of problem, so I thought I would give it another shot. Just did it with the WRONG person. Anywho, what does that have to do with breeding this VERY young female? NOTHING!!! I learned my lesson thanks to Judy the hard way. ....12 years ago
German Shepherd DogUmi Vom Fleischerheim SCH1 AD CGCUmi is a stunning girl, and produces some big boned nice size head puppies with very good temperaments. She doesn't have the slanting in the back (Don't like the dramatic slanting in the back at all mo) and has an awesome temperament!!! ....11.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogDutchess Diamond O'NeilI am truly sorry for your loss Nikki :-( Just know that she couldn't have been in a better more loved place than yours. You have my deepest sympathy. Kel ....11.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG1 Blitz von Batu SCHH2Preston, I am so very sorry for your loss :-( He was a gorgeous boy with a very nice pedigree. You have my sympathy. ....11.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Hera vom Hellersteg SCHH1Hera passed away with her original owner in Germany. My sympathy for Jurgen. ....12 years ago
German Shepherd DogKakashi White Fang of Maple LeafI agree with Uber Land. He isn't even a year old, and will just be around a year or so old when your offering stud service from him in fall of "09" He doesn't have a solid black nose or eye lids that you are advertising as well. I guess to each his/her own. Best of luck with you. ....12 years ago
German Shepherd DogBaretta vom RunderbergOH, I am so very sorry to hear about that :-( She had a beautiful pedigree. You have my sympathy. ....11.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogTeam Dika's Los VegasThis puppy is absolutely stunning!!!! Can't wait to see him all grown up. What a gorgeous boy he is going to be :-) ....12 years ago
German Shepherd DogKatarina vom Alt-OstlandThis is a very nice looking female, but I am TRYING to figure out WHY someone would breed her at 14 months of age? Her D.O.B is 1-5-07 and she had a litter in May of 2008. I do not understand this and without being OFA'd obviously b/c she wasn't EVEN 2 years old. ....12 years ago
German Shepherd DogAnka Vom BoeselagerWe just received good news from OFA. Anka's hips passed with an OFA Good, and her elbows passed as Normal, Whoo Hoo!!! She will be going for an ultra sound on the 17th of April to see if she is pregnant. Kel ....11.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Fandor vom Fennberg SCHH3 (LGA) IPO3 HGHDon't know the people myself but have been on their site. It is They own Fandor. ....12.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Dina von Chac Moll ADWhat a beautiful girl!!! Just gorgeous. I love the deep red color she has. ....12.1 years ago


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