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by astrovan2487 on 01 September 2018 - 20:09

Does anyone know exactly what the new IPO rules will be for 2019 and have a link to the written changes? I've heard some rumors and sounds like most of the changes will be to the 1, tracking is the same. Obedience is only a recall over the jump and flat retrieve, no retrieve over the jump or a-frame. The protection has no blind search anymore. Have I heard this right or is it just rumor?

by Koach on 02 September 2018 - 10:09

The following appeared on Facebook recently. Credit goes to a person named John Monahan.


Very simple overview of the significant changes:
1. The name will now be “IGP” - –“International Gebrauchshund Prufung” (International Working Dog Test), no longer IPO –“International Prufung Ordnund”
2. BH- the heeling pattern will be slightly shorter but will still include on and off leash heeling.
3. IGP1-2-3 levels of track will have 3 articles, each worth 7 points for a total of 21 points for articles.
4. The FH, FH2, and IPO FH will remain basically unchanged.
5. In all Obedience the distance the handler will throw the dumbbell is more clearly defined as approximately 10 meters, the height of the hurtle and wall remain the same. The jump will have to have a top board that allows it to pivot if touched and then return to its starting position.The minimum distance from the jump or wall is defined as 4 meters (no longer 5 paces). The scoring for the send-out exercise scoring is more clearly defined.
6. The IGP Obedience will change slightly in the IGP1 to exclude the retrieve over the wall and instead have a recall over the wall without the retrieve. In both IGP2-3 there are no significant changes proposed.
7. The IGP protection will still include pressure and stick contact (padded stick hits) and an “Attack on the Dog Out of Motion” (long bite/courage test) at all levels but done slightly different from current for level 1 -2. There are some changes in all levels most significantly in the IGP1.
8. The IGP1 will no longer require a blind search of the # 5 blind, the dog will instead be sent directly into the #6 blind (find blind). The handler will be allowed in IGP1 to leash the dog during pickup and transport exercises.
9. The IGP2 will no longer have an “Attack Out of Back Transport”, but will have an additional Reattack (defense) exercise with no stick contact after the “Attack on Dog Out of Motion” (long bite/courage test) like the IGP3.
10. The Attack on the Dog Out of Motion (long bite / courage test) for the IGP1 and 2 will not require the helper to return to the blind and then run out to the mid-line and towards the dog/handler instead the helper will remain mid field after the last defense exercise and the handler will pick up the dog and heel away down the mid-line of the field to a distance of approximately 30 meters away for the IGP1, 40 meters away for the IGP2 then the handler will stop and turn towards the helper where the judge will signal the exercise to begin.
11. The IGP3 does not change from our current IPO3 in any phase.
12. Additional sporting titles are slightly changed or added, examples are the IPO V no longer has protection it will only be tracking and obedience, countries will be allowed to offer FPr (TR) 1-2-3, UPr (OB) 1-2-3, BgH 1-2-3 (obedience with additional exercises like retrieves, send out etc), APR 1-2-3 (obedience and protection), and a ZTP for organizations using this as a breed test.

by Gustav on 02 September 2018 - 11:09

I would rather see the Sch test stay as was originally formulated and lessen the breeding requirements to just a BH, that way the soft dog people will be happy, and when you see a Sch title behind a dog’s name you reasonably know what the dog accomplished. This way the Sch ( IPO or IGP) degree would have meaning and validity. Each year they water down IPO more and more...we all know why and for who this is done....let’s just remove it as breeding requirement and have IPO go back to the original stringent testing. Btw, thanks for the answer above to the OP’s question....😊

by Koach on 02 September 2018 - 12:09

Good post Gustav. Since the early 70's, when I started, things have sure changed. Some good, most not so good. With the large market of China opening up people see a gold mine of sales for both SL and so called WL. Biggest problem I see lately are dogs unable to cap their drives and OB stimulating techniques than makes dogs go nuts.


by astrovan2487 on 02 September 2018 - 17:09

Thanks for posting the rule changes. Looks like I was a wrong about the jumps/a frame bit. I don't like the idea of watering down the sport but I always thought that the difference between the IPO titles for obedience was not enough, the retrieves specifically. It makes up such a large part of the obedience routine but the only real difference is the dumbbell weight on the flat retrieve, kind of a pointless difference in my opinion.

Not sure how accurate this is but I heard someone say the rules used to be for the 1 was retrieve over the flat, for the 2 they add retrieve over the jump, then the 3 added a retrieve over the a frame. I've been seeing and hearing of so many dogs injuring themselves on the jumps and A frame from repeating the exercise too many times to try and attain perfection. I think they should still have those exercises but not all 3 for the IPO1.

by lhczth on 03 September 2018 - 16:09

When I started, they had the retrieve on the flat and the jump only for the one, but we had to do both on and off lead heeling. I was soooooo happy when the on lead heeling was removed. With these new rules, removing the retrieve over the wall and making it a recall makes no sense, but I doubt people with sense came up with these rules.

FCI now seems to have total control over the rules and they want to be all inclusive. They could care less about breeding. That is the responsibility of the SV (for GSD, at least) and we know where their priorities are now........ $$$$$$$$$$$$

by duke1965 on 03 September 2018 - 17:09

think it has nothing to do with $$$$, but with shrinking numbers of entries for exams, so by making it easyer they hope to get more entries, same goes for KNPV, numbers dropping

Think Czech republic and maybe Slovak are exeption, in Czech there is tons of young people starting in dogsport all the time, there are junior camps, and junior competitions and even junior championships Thumbs Up


by BlackMalinois on 03 September 2018 - 21:09


So what  important rules in exercises are changed in KNPV ?????

 See some nice young new people starting  and also some nice new helpers starting 14 /15 years old in KNPV last year , in some parts of the Netherlands is better but its not everywhere a disaster and what have  IPO to do with the KNPV program IMO  nothing  . When KNPV go to that soft level as the IPO than 80 percent from the members will direct stop  there membership,,,,,and also I don,t think the police in the Netherlands will be happy with changing the  today program accisible for Labradors and Golden retrievers for the stick attack this not gonna happen


by astrovan2487 on 04 September 2018 - 01:09

Thanks for all of the information, it would be interesting to see what the rules were for the first Schutzhund trial.

by duke1965 on 04 September 2018 - 05:09

for Marcel (blackmalinois) from KNPV files annual papers 2014

Op 31 december 2000 had de KNPV 6830 leden. Procentueel is het ledenaantal op 31 december 2014 gedaald met 25,9 % ten opzichte van 2000.


for the ones who cannot read dutch, from 2000 till 2014 the number of members in KNPV dropped by almost 26 %

simply stating facts here, not bashing KNPV 


also from KNPV stating that adding new programs goal is to attract new members

In 2007 heeft de KNPV het speurhondenprogramma vernieuwd en uitgebreid. De reden was om een programma te ontwikkelen dat meer op de praktijk is afgestemd en meer leden zou werven




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