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by BlackietheCajun on 29 August 2018 - 03:08

I am new to the DFW area, I'm a transplant from Louisiana. I've been training dogs for 26 years for police, military, SAR, service work personal protection and some sport. I have a vision impairment, and if anyone would like to ask how I can do the things I do because of it, if you are sincerely wanting to know, I'll sincerely tell you...

So, I have an already trained, (was trained in Louisiana), very serious, yet friendly, PPD who is also my service and SAR dog. I am looking for a place to continue to train, not only him, but some upcoming puppies I am buying. I live in the DFW area. I am not looking for a schutzhund club. I am looking for someone who works with personal protection and police caliber trained dogs. I'm not opposed to sport, but Schutzhund isn't the one I prefer. I have heard a lot about butch Cappell, (In fact, his place is only about ten minutes from my kennel), but the things I've heard have not been complimentary or nice, some would be, if true, pretty serious, actually. Has anyone heard anything that should make me stay away? Does anyone know of anyone else in the Fort Worth, Dallas, Weatherford TX area that is doing this type of training? My old decoy would not move with me darn it.

I am not tryint to pick on anyone... just trying to do my due dilligence.

That said, any trainers I should stay away from around this area?

Thanks in Advance

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