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by ValK on 10 November 2019 - 16:11

i'm all for harsh punishment of cases when LE dogs attacks innocent bystanders. maybe this will force LE agencies instead
of waste money on court settlements, redirect this money for nationwide program to supply LE dogs from own, professionally
run breeding facility and change own mindset in regards of type of the dog, needed for work on the street.
as long as "sporty" approach to working dogs persist in LE k9 culture, this problem wouldn't go away. i said it before and will
repeat again and again - merge together brainless prey drive with aggression (aggression a must in this kind of work) and
question for disaster is not "if" but "when".
also i don't understand position of LE agencies. they likely do have a institution with authority to representation on behalf of
states/counties to deal with federal level authorities and can to bring up the request to DOJ/congress (whatever whose duty it is)
to introduce law/regulation which will protect k9s and officers from being sued if dog does inflict harm/injury due to refusal of suspect
to obey LE, who's performs at that time their duty.


by emoryg on 11 November 2019 - 07:11

Valk, the great majority of cases permit for the handler to be granted immunity, unless he acts under the color of law, beyond scope of authority, etc.  The agencies that utilize the dogs accept the burden as they are subject to scrutiny for failure to train, negligent retention, failure to supervise, etc.  There are a few cases where officers are being charged criminally.  Those same cases ultimately fall back on the department for some of the reasons listed above (retention supervise train).  When litigation extends into the high dollar mark, the sharks begin to circle.


Thanks Griffin!  That A litter is actually one that is considered.  Funny, in another thread Norman Eqidius was mentioned.  I am more interested now, than before.  I plan on reaching out to the vet who cared for Avar and the department he belonged to.


I have a short video I took of Avar when he first came stateside (some may be offended by the protection work practices that are used, so I edited the video down).  It’s interesting because the man who is doing the helper work really liked the dog and a few years later, his dog was bred to Arne. 




by emoryg on 11 November 2019 - 09:11

Hukka, I spoke with the vet's office and they have Avar's birthday listed as 4-11-91. I also have one more dog of interest if you wouldn't mind. His name was Hercules and they have his birth date as 6-19-98. He was a male GSD also from Slovakia. I think I remember seeing Cordon or Gomo in the pedigree. Thank you so much!

by Hukka on 11 November 2019 - 18:11

I wish Avar was this easy!
Hercules Chabet 19 June 1998
sire:Cezar u Alfreda
dam: Ema Mat-Roz

I will keep looking for Avar.


by emoryg on 12 November 2019 - 12:11


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