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Please try to fill in the correct registration number for the dog.

Mandatory information is marked in red
When typing the names of the parents use similar syntax as in the pedigree search page (same engine), if the parents are not listed (shown on next page) then you have the option of registering them before finishing this registration process.
Remember to check thoroughly in the database using the search feature to see if the dog is not already listed. Misspellings (in the database and in the search input) can lead you to believe the dog is not registered when infact it is

Dog registration form

First step Insert base information
Show achievments such as INTUCH, CH, CACIB, CAC. VA , etc.. Placements (i.e. 2nd place) are not pedigree entitlements
Full Name Do not put any titles here.
Also, try to use the full name. Do not write abbreviations that are not in the registry (example: v.d. instead of von der).
 /  Code -- / Number

Second stepInsert Parents (Use "No Information" if parents are unknown)
Fathers name
Mothers name
Tip: This uses the pedigree search engine, so sometimes its better to type a partial of the name (i.e. Kennel) and select from available options in the next page

third stepInsert Achievements
(Schh3,IPO3, ...)

Fourth stepInsert birthdate
Date of birth Year --/ Month / Day. Just put the year with 01.01. as the day & month, if only the year is known (dogs born before 1950 will only show year if day=01 and month=01)

Fifth stepInsert health and identification data
Elbow ED results
Hip HD results
DNA Data

ExtraMiscellaneous data
HeightUse a period for a decimal i.e. 64.5 not 64,5

Sixth stepSubmit data and continue to next page

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