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How this works

The actual dog to be registered does not do a lookup. No reason to, since if he exists there is no need to register.
For ancestors:
  • if you type in a dog that exists, then it makes read only all further ancestors.  
  • If the an ancestor does not exists (i.e. the name) then it blanks the ancestors and allows you to type in next generation.
This is to stop users from typing in ancestors that are already registered (prevent duplicates)

Start with the base dog and move up each generation at a time, do not start with the oldest ancestors as they will be overwritten if there is a hit in a younger ancestor.
  • Start at the left and move right for each generation
  • Changing anything will clear all ancestor input
  • Registrations will stop at any cap (empty input). No matter if ancestors are entered
  • It's quite alright to only do a partial pedigree. System will only create those entered

So you have a system where you can very easily complete a pedigree where, for instance:
  • The father is registered in the database
    • System finds him and prevents any input to his ancestors.
  • but neither the mother nor her parents are registered.
    • You are able to write in mothers name and her parents. 
    • System finds all 4 grandparents

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