5 generation long pedigree for CH. Cordach Lucinda

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The Perfect Dog! Retired Working Line Female
Female for sale

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IPO3 male, extremely courageous character!!!
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Pedigree for

CH. Cordach Lucinda

AUST CH Stormerbanks Robson

AUST CH Stormerbanks Christopher Robin

Wey ChristoBryherdene Black Prince of WeyWildekat of Wey
Bryherdene Bellatrix of Wey
Christine of WeyCobbler of Wey
Gojo of Wey
ENG CH Stormerbanks MameENG CH Kaytop Marshall
Kaytop Martin
Kaytop Ruby
Stormerbanks Kernel
Stormerbanks Kingbird
Stormerbanks Linnet of Parrdale
Stormerbanks Stoneplover

Stormerbanks GladstoneENG CH Stormerbanks Vainglory
ENG CH Stormerbanks Invader
ENG CH Stormerbanks Martha
Stormerbanks ChristianaWey Christo
ENG CH Stormerbanks Mame
Stormerbanks Marie LouiseStormerbanks MarkerENG CH Kaytop Marshall
Stormerbanks Kernel
Stormerbanks HarmonybellStormerbanks Harrison CD
Stormerbanks Foxglove
Tweedbanks Lucy Locket Of Cordach

Cordach Royal Sovereign

ENG CH Hildenmanor Crown Prince
Hildenmanor BoniladStormerbanks Boniface
Hildenmanor Mermaid
Hildenmanor Gold CrownENG CH Lees Sunsalve
Hildenmanor New Daybreak
Faine Of BulcorigENG CH Lees Wennam EagleENG CH Winrod Peregrine
Wennam Snowbunting
Brunhilde of BulcorigLees Jackpot
Annabel of Bulcorig
Tweedbanks Snowflake

Cordach Master Copy of HildenmanorENG CH Hildenmanor Crown Prince
Hildenmanor Bonilad
Hildenmanor Gold Crown
Faine Of BulcorigENG CH Lees Wennam Eagle
Brunhilde of Bulcorig
Bulcorig IngridHildenmanor Red DusterHildenmanor Gay Gingham of Rowell
Hildenmanor May Blossom
Delaine of BulcorigCorporal of Cowfold
No information about the dam

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