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by joanro on 22 April 2018 - 13:04

She is very sound, Sunny. She is out of the same litter with a dog doing sar up in your neck of the woods. Her sister is in Wa state with a war vet as his therapy dog.....pictured on the trail with the black and tan pup.

She was lucky to not have had her back broken, according to the description of the attack the woman gave.

These dogs are what gsd are supposed to be...call them old school if one chooses to, but they are contemporary and have impeccable temperaments.

Here she is with me just before she left, the woman wanted to see her focus for tracking.....


by joanro on 23 April 2018 - 01:04

by duke1965 on 23 April 2018 - 12:04

its funny that main concern in dogs today is if he will bite a kid for taking his ball, and actually many bite incidents are high prey incidents rather than agression

for me I like to see a dog with an off switch, but that alone is hard enough in todays high prey/drive world

by joanro on 23 April 2018 - 13:04

Lol, duke, the only people with obsession regarding kids, dogs, and balls are activist loonies.

by duke1965 on 23 April 2018 - 14:04

well joan its not obsession, its real problem in todays dogs,people are now also trying to breed GSD with malinois drives, forgetting they also will get malinois nerves with it, thes dogs are not safe arount kids, not even when non agressive and supersocial

by joanro on 23 April 2018 - 16:04

Yes, I agree with you, those type dogs are being bred, by many.

I don't select dogs like that for breeding and I know, personally, a few breeders who also don't select for gsd with temperaments you describe.
If I have any pups like you describe show up in a litter or if I buy a pup for myself that turns out to be a prey monster, I put them with people who need/want the type . I sure don't keep them for breeding. I don't place them into homes with kids, but put them where that high drive is desired for sport or work.
It's all about selection.

And, yes, activist loonies are obsessed with dogs, kids, balls, and biting ...for example, stereotyping my sable dogs in the videos posted on this thred, that they are crazy, prey monster dangerous animals that are not safe to be in public.
The activist loonie guy on this thred says the dogs in my video on page one, are crazy dogs that need to be muzzled in public. Activists like him have an agenda, and they don't care who they trash to promote that agenda.
So, even if you agree with him, you and your dogs will be trashed no matter how well you select and breed for sound dogs which include an 'off switch'.....doesn't matter to him and his fellow activists aka his 'girlfriend', you are hated no matter how good the dogs you produce are.

by 2Cats on 24 April 2018 - 11:04

Hi everyone,

Thank you GSDFanboy, yes, the Joe German shepherd is what mine looked like, Man I miss her!!
We did not call them German shepherds, the day she arrived my dad said.."This is my new dog, she is an Alsatian", well she was never his dog, lol...she was his dog from the mines to our house, lol...We had a bond that no-one will understand unless they went through it themselves.

I see some people claim they have old school Alsatians, but I am sceptical...every person also told us that showlines were the only GSD for a family environment...

The thing we have noticed is that showlines hate other animals...no matter how much you socialize them, they revert back to "oh I have to kill it" and the weirdest part is my sister has a Husky/alsatian, wolf mix...16 months old female and she got a new cat (14 weeks) 5 days ago, held it up to Jesse's nose and said it is a baby and now part of the family, well they are inseparable... How is it that a mix of that note "even backyard bred" have the mentality to understand and control the Kill it behaviour? How did they go so wrong in breeding GSDs that it has a higher uncontrollable prey drive then a 50%Wolf hybrid?

I do not think the showlines are ever going to get better, our next german shepherd will be a working line from Joanro if she is still breeding or someone that does the same.

A "Real" dog should not be something you can't trust around other animals or people.

by Sunsilver on 24 April 2018 - 13:04

2Cats, you do realize that not ALL showlines are the way you describe?

The only GSD I've had that was not safe with strangers or kids was a rescue of unknown parentage. Judging by her conformation, she was more German working line than show line, and she would bite for real to protect our property and car.

If a stranger or child tried to get too close to her or 'in her face' she would let them know she didn't appreciate it. Fortunately, her bites were warning nips that rarely broke the skin, and we were very careful to keep her away from children.

While we had her, I bottle raised a litter of kittens that had been born under our porch to a feral mom. She let the crawl all over her, and even stick their heads inside her big German shepherd ears, and clean them with their rough little tongues. When it was getting dark, if the cats hadn't come inside yet, we'd tell her to go find them, and she'd herd them inside!

I currently have a female that's a mix of American and German show lines. She's fine with cats, other dogs and people. I'm not too sure what would happen if a stranger came into the house unannounced, though. She's pretty territorial!

by Centurian on 24 April 2018 - 16:04

Interesting posts .. Also what I find interesting as to what people think a Gs should or should not be. From Ol' School to modern day . There is , or there should be thought , that no doubt the GS mentality is changing. What I like people to refer to is " THE STANDARD of the German Shepherd Dog ". That should throw light on exactly what the GS dog should have for mentality whether it is Sl , Wl , old school or new school.
If you understand the breed then you know that the S should be an intelligent , pensive , problem solving dog with discernibility , which I have often written about. Noble , amiable yet aloof etc etc.
Aside from the fact that ALL dogs bite and that children should be supervised in the company of all breed dogs , is it so out of sorts to want and expect a GS to be reliable from the breeding in the presence of children ?
I think in the current day , we see enough unreliable bred GSs . Many people think they have a great civil dog , but as I tried to throw light on from another thread , many of these dogs I would not call civil but point blank rather I call them ill bred , temperament deficient dogs ! That is what we see much more of compapred to the IMOp the ol' school GS .
Case in point : even dogs that I have personally trained for my personal use of personal protection - I would have any child approach either of these GSs with 100% confidence the children were safe. I never let at a certain point in their training let adults interact with them , but I made it a point that they always be respectful of , non suspicious of , and tolerant of children... and they were .
So maybe many GS novices are not so sophisticated about the breed . But considering what someone means by asking a breeder if the GS is reliable is this in reality not so bad a question to ask . Look at the many breeds in general that have hurt children ..
This is a question that I welcome ! !!  Because a question is an opportunity . First, it gives me the chance to affirm that you don't leave children and dogs unattended in general, when I talk to them . Secondly , a question like that gave to me the opportunity to converse with people show the people all my dogs' behavioral traits etc etc . And that allowed me to show them what I stated to them  by having , sometimes 10 GS all at the same time and session  , play with their children . The experience of the children being in a group of 10 GS at once is undeniable proof of the mentality of those breeding GSs. Words come easy , as we have discussed about titling ... IMOp . just show me the dog.
Reliability ... and Genetics .... are they related, or not ? Anyone want to disagree that there is not , in general , not every GS , but in general , a difference in Ol School GS , and todays GS ??


by Hundmutter on 24 April 2018 - 17:04

Hmm... Centurian could you try to define "Old School" and "today" to a place and time, please ? Old School with this breed can be anything from 1899 to ... when ? 30s ? 50s?  70s ?  90s ????
And 'todays dogs' start when, exactly ? And do they include the current generation being bred and raised (so about 2016 - 2018) ?


And as so often here, do you mean "Only in America" ?  Or Germany ? or somewhere else entirely ?

It seems to me that if generalisations about 'most' of the breed are being made, we really ought to be specific about where that 'majority' IS and how old they are.


Someone on another thred has just compared the energy level of the dog they have lived with for a decade to that of their puppy; without, IMO, taking into account whether the older dog (and indeed the owner) may have been bouncier 10 years since. The same applies to eg 'drive', does it not ? Temperaments can mature with education in life, whether they be the temperament of dog or human, can they not ? Some get better, more stable; some just mellow out a bit; some become more irrascible and quicker to take offence / complain about pain ...

So maybe we should really stop comparing apples & oranges.

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