Simple pedigree chart for van Dalen Charisma By Gandalf (1290769)

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Simple pedigree chart for van Dalen Charisma By Gandalf

van Dalen Charisma By Gandalf
INT'L CH Winquest The White Wizard Van Dalen DNA V437299
(AKCSR24109103 10-06)
BISS AMCH Lobuff Bobwhite at Chucklebrook
(AKCSN91419803 07-03)
BISS AKC CH Boradors By George
(AKCSN557463/01 09-98 UK)
ENG CH Sandylands Gad-About
(KCSB0579CG 12322)
Lenches Tip Top
AMCH Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream
CH Boradors Sweet Charity
BISS AMCH Lobuff's Turtle Dove
(AKCSN60878902 09-02)
PH GR/INT/AM/BR GR/PAN AM/SO AM CH Hirsipirtin Turtle At Lobuff Sire of Merit
(AKCSN423530/01 08-97 Finland)
Hirsipirtin Anglia
AMCH Curlee Hill Lobuff Seeonee
(AKCSN04097402 05-95)
CH Twin Oaks Try Of Curlee Hill JH
AM/INT'L CH Surry'S Obscured By Clouds
(AKCSN85698602 11-04)
BRASILIAN CH Attikonak Get Off My Cloud
(AKCSN755313/01 10-01 Sweden)
SE U CH Poolstead Political Agent
Poolstead Positive Mystery
SE U CH Attikonak Sassy Stockings
Eng. Ch. Ch. Poolstead Pop Socks
Surry'S High Hopes
(AKCSN52529604 04-01)
BISS AKC CH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH
CH (US) Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC
(AKCSE060992 03-87)
BISS AMCH Castlewood Whyaskwhy at Surry
(AKCSN20747205 05-98)
AKC CH Sumos A-Hoy All Decked Out CD
INT CH Centre Court Mrs O'Mally
- Centre Court Henry
BISS AKC CH Windfall's Pipe Major
BISS CH (US) HySpire Darktown Strutter
BISS Marshland Shimmer AKC Major Pointed (8 Points)
BISS CH (US) Windfalls Black Piper
Ch. Windfalls Wind Storm JH
AKC CH Centre Court Watermark Shelby
Centre Court Black Jake
Centre Court Powacket
Hennings Mill Scandal Of CC
AKC CH Scartho Frost
(AKCSM97998301 11-92)
CH Rocheby Rippling Corn
Tallow IV
BISS AM CH Lenches Teddy Bear
ENG CH Sandylands My Guy
ENG CH Sandylands Bramble
Lenches Tip Top
Lenches Personality
AM CH Centre Court Minuet
Windfall Wild About Harry
CH (WC) Cambremer Funny Girl
(AKCSN061329/01 01-95 UK)
CH Centre Court Burnt Offering
Lindall Witchcraft Of Hennings Mill


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