Labrador Retriever

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Mated July 01 to VA Gary v. Hühnegrab Reduced ship
Female for sale

V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,
Stud Dog

IPO1 Rimini Mario Grande female for sale
Female for sale

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
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The History

Lawnwood's Brands Hatch born on Dec 13, 1976
CH Lawnwood's Brands Hatch
Kupros Live Spark born on Nov 26, 1977
CH Kupros Live Spark

Sample photo gallery

not posing - Dog: roo sable blues

8 weeks8 weeks IIroo 10 weeksroo at 8 weeksroo at 8 weeksroo at 8 weeksroo at 8 weeksroo at 9 weeksin townat the zoo Iaround homearound home, at the lakein the watergetting bigger


Organized Sports for Your Dog

Organized Sports for Your Dog

Training your dog is a fun activity for you and your dog! General training is a basic requirement for dog ownership, but more advanced training can be a fun endeavor.  If you haven’t ventured into the various activities available to you and your dog, you might not realize how many opportunities there truly are.  We’ll take a look at some of the most commonly available options.

  • Choosing a Male or a Female Dog: What is the Difference

    You may have felt that choosing a breed was the biggest decision you had to make before getting a dog. But now that you have made that choice, you are now faced with a more basic decision: do you want a male dog, or a female?

  • Training Your Dog

    For the health and wellbeing of your dog, training should really not ever be considered an option when owning a dog.  Well trained dogs are more likely to be behaved and listen, be void of behavioral issues, be good in public, and are less likely to bite.  Owners also have a much closer connection with the dog when the time is taken to form a relationship through training.

Recently added pedigrees

Luna di Fiocchi e Goce

Luna di Fiocchi e Goce

Inserted:4 hours ago
Female (2894479)
Uva Zibibbo di Fiocchi e Gocce

Uva Zibibbo di Fiocchi e Gocce

Inserted:4 hours ago
Male (2894478)
Darling Joy Maximus Lorenz

Darling Joy Maximus Lorenz

Inserted:5 hours ago
Male (2894449)
Father: Russel White Iz Vidnogo Doma
Mother: Mirta Gramma
Created by Merenranta
Labro Paradise Valdiviya

Labro Paradise Valdiviya

Inserted:5 hours ago
Female (2894446)
Tsanta Happy Love

Tsanta Happy Love

Inserted:5 hours ago
Female (2894444)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by Merenranta

Sample premiums

Willy vom Kuckcksland puppies for sale
angel tamakarov
20:22 26 May 2019
Longcoat Showline Female
16:15 05 Jul 2019
United States
Czech Male 9 months This Ad is a scam Western Ride
00:52 10 Jul 2019
United States

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