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German Shepherd Dog > Growth rate of German Shepherd after 6 Months (35 replies)

by Shtal on 15 July 2009 - 17:07

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by TessJ10 on 15 July 2009 - 19:07

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There's a chart at this link:

81 lbs. for a 26-inch dog says to me that the dog is overweight.  I have a rescue GSD that is taller than that by a good 2 inches and 81 lbs. on him means he needs to go on a diet.  ESPECIALLY for a puppy you need to keep them on the lean side for the best development of joints and hips.

Check out this link:

Scroll down to the information on Hip Dysplasia for another chart.


by SitasMom on 15 July 2009 - 23:07

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why are you interested in oversized german shepherds dogs - its a disqualifying fault?

by Shtal on 16 July 2009 - 05:07

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Is the Tiger is also oversize - NO the Tiger is simply big!!!!!!

I don't think he is overweight simply because he has a large bones and paws and wide chest, I will show you to you!
He should reach about 30" inch+ tall by the 1 year of age - since at 6 months he is 26" inch tall right now.

You guys probably never seen 30" inch+ or taller adult german shepherds!!!!!

By the way - do you have that 28" inch tall german shepherd, I would like to see how wide is the chest and width of the bones. Maybe you have skinny thin tall looking shepherd.

Hip Dysplasia - I' am aware of that..... I was feeding him 1 time a day when he turned 5 months, When he was 4 months I fed him 2 times and 3 times a day, When he was 3 months mostly 3 times a day, when he was under 3 months I fed him 3 or sometimes 4 time a day.

At 5 weeks and 5 days he was 9.5 pounds
At 8 weeks he was 18.6 pounds
At 10 weeks and 5 days he was 31 pounds.
At 4 Months he was 58 pounds
At 4 months and 3 weeks he was 66 ponuds
At 5 Months and 2 weeks he was 76 pounds
At ~6 months short by 2 days - 81.6 pounds

by Shtal on 16 July 2009 - 08:07

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Their he is at 10 weeks and 5 days weighting 31 pounds checked by Vet Clinic,

My proof he was born very big.

by steve1 on 16 July 2009 - 10:07

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Why bother to ask the Guys when you dispute what you are told, And you tell us in three weeks he put on 8lb and you say he is not overweight, Pull the other leg the first one has Bells on
Okay for you to show him around to say how big he is you will not be the one to possibly suffer later on in its life
 Never heard such a lot of rubbish in all my life

by Shtal on 16 July 2009 - 17:07

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Should I also argue with you that The Sebirian Tiger is also overwieght!

You probably have a hard time understanding when a dog has small body structure and large body stucture.

Should Saint Bernard dog have same weight as German Shepherd, the answer is simply NO, he has physically bigger body structure that allows him to cary mass of weight.

If a modern human being is a 6-Foot tall - and suddenly you seing a 7-Foot tall human - are you going to say he is overweight, NO - he needs extra weight for his body size.

You guys probably seing Standard size German Shepherd that put on extra weight, but you haven't probably seeing simply larger German shepherd in body sturcture size. "Above GSD standard"

I' am going to make last comment, no point to continue....

Here is another picture of him.

The reason I need him, is because he is going to be a guard-dog, a medium size dog is not big enough to take on very large human, but very large dog could and will if needed.

by GSDPACK on 16 July 2009 - 17:07

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He is a huge, cute a little overweight pup, The picture shows it. Whatever you want to believe, see, look at, write about.. that is truly your business.
K-9 officer crank stands at maybe 65 pounds of pure dutch shepherd happines.. that dog will take you down befor you fart. That dog means business and I have seen helper take off the bute suit becausehe wore them down...
Guard dog doesnt have to be big.. it has to be mentaly and fizicaly strong to perform. As I stated before.. I need a dog to do guard, protection work that will not die of heart attack before he/she even makes it to the "bad guy".
So be it.. Tiger is different species.. that is comparing St. Bernard to wild cat.. RU kidding?

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