Simple pedigree chart for Wildmarkens Bom Bom (712492)

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9 month old female black/red Showline from Kucku
Female for sale

Black/Red Show Line Male $1,200
Male for sale

Outstanding WGSL Longcoat puppies
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Simple pedigree chart for V Wildmarkens Bom Bom SCHH 3.IPO 3.

V Wildmarkens Bom Bom SCHH 3.IPO 3.
V13 3X VA1(DK) Team Marlboro Tiger SCHH3
VA4 Kwantum vom Klostermoor SCHH3
V Hanni von dem Waldgraben IPO1 SchH2
V Rubini Shakira SCHH1
V Rubini Holly SCHH1, BHP1
VA3(DK) Wildmarkens Siegerin SCHH1
2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3
(LOF569091 (SZ 2164725) (ROI 10/41767))
VA1 Pakros d'Ulmental SchH3, IPO3
(LOI02/98355 (SZ 2138739))
VA2(F) Rangoon du Haut Mansard SCHH3
SG6 Wildmarkens Go Va SCHH2
V Wildmarkens Häsel SCHH1, BHP1
(DKK240/1996 (SZ 2054873))

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