Simple pedigree chart for Snowcloud's Princess Annache (652118)

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Simple pedigree chart for Snowcloud's Princess Annache

Snowcloud's Princess Annache
(AKCDL48445705 (White))
Apache Von Snowcloud
(AKCD779171 (White))
Lee's King Von Snowking
(AKCWE727460 01-84)
Alice's Chief von Snowcloud (1970)
(AKCWB958124 03-72 white)
Old Dependable White Rex
(AKCWA704245 6-67 White)
Tango of White Shadow Crider
(AKCWA342979 (7-65) White)
Old Dependable Snow Princess
(AKCWA355037 07-65)
Old Dependable White Nellie
(AKCWB270706 07-69 (White))
Old Dependable White Lindy
(AKCWA30767 (6-60) White)
Old Dependable Snow Sugar
(AKCWA751696 11-67)
Hilda Von Snowcloud
Major's Bullet Boy
(AKCWB615359 12-70 White)
(AKCWA327060 (White))
Rin-Tin Bullet Girl's Kim
(AKCWA796492 01-67)
Fancy Flo Fritzi
Al-Lee's Von Snowking's Tipy
(AKCD686603 10-88 White)
Titzer's Knight of Cloverly
(AKCWF229456 (07-84) (White))
Cloverly's Jak-O-Dymunds
(AKCWF138138 (11-82) White)
Tarson Of Cloverly
(AKCWD665339 02-78 white)
Sinclair's Freda Of Cloverly
Saffron Of South Chelsea
(AKCWD296238 (1-78) (White))
Seiza Of Cloverly
(AKCWC719763 White)
Lady Cassandra of Bluhill
(AKCWC721822 White)
Snowcloud's Princess Nike
(AKCD339119 White)
Alice's Cochise Von Snowcloud CDX
(AKCWE730430 (03-82))
Tasco Rin Von Snowcloud
(AKCWE036409 (01-79) (White))
Alice's Kim Von Snowcloud
(AKCWE036389 (09-79) (White))
Nikkia von Snowcloud
(AKCWE036406 White)
Alice's Chief von Snowcloud (1970)
(AKCWB958124 03-72 white)
Alice's Christi Von Snowcloud
(AKCWD536719 White)
Cheyanna Von Snowcloud
(AKCD779172 (White))
Higgin's Kaiser
(AKCWE495736 (White))
Basham's King Tut
(AKCWE123956 (White))
Chief Moore
(AKCWC292025 (White))
Luke's Surprise
(AKCWB723971 (White))
Kim's Schatzie
(AKCWA879995 (White))
Die Herzogin II
(AKCWB994270 White)
Elizabeth II
Basham's Misty
(AKCWD722916 White)
Yum V Snowcloud Silver King
(AKCWC224761 White)
Mary's White Lo-Retta
(AKCWB655213 (02-71) White)
Coulter's White Lady
(AKCWC307674 White)
Smokey Von Frederick
(AKCWB914661 Black/Silver)
Glowing Princess Leveridge
(AKCWB223821 Black/Silver)
Frosty's Neva Bianca
(AKCD583037 (White))
Royal Cherokee Chief
(AKCWE297318 (White))
Bellhs Frosty
Royal White Foxy Lady
Yeti IV
Royal White Foxy Lady
Cally Canally
(AKCWF044243 White)
Nancy's Chief Von Whitecloud
(AKCWC441261 White)
Alice's Chief von Snowcloud (1970)
(AKCWB958124 03-72 white)
Alice's Kami Von Snowcloud
(AKCWC018302 07-72 (white))
Nancy's Kim Von Snowcloud
(AKCWC928423 White)
Crystal Von Snowcloud

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