Simple pedigree chart for Chablis Stylistic Orleans Summerbreeze (650571)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH, ROM Chablis Stylistic Orleans Summerbreeze

CH, ROM Chablis Stylistic Orleans Summerbreeze
BIM, AM GCH/CAN SEL Woodsides High Voltage ROM
US & CAN SEL CH BIS Kenlyn's Calvin Hi-Cliff Kaleef ROM
AOE SEL EX CH (US) Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes HSCS ROM TC HIC
(AKCDL64767204 (11-97))
1999 GV CH (US&CAN) Welove Du Chien's 'R' Man ROM
(AKCDL50826105 (07-95))
WeLove Langenau's Lucille
(AKCDL364899/10 03-94)
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM
(AKCDA017403 10-93)
Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet
(AKCD286563 12-87)
SEL CH (US) TR's Quintessential V Kenlyn ROM
2XSEL CH (US) GV CAN Jag of Fran-Jo ROM
(AKCDL716283/02 11-99)
CH (US) Rebbecca of Fran-Jo Decathlon
(AKCDL535228/02 07-97)
CH TR's Pandora v Kenlyn ROM
(AKCDL708751/01 12-00)
CH (US) Schokrest Presidio ROM
(AKCDL479126/04 12-94)
TR's Jade v Kenlyn
(AKCDL535634/02 10-96)
BOM CH (CAN) Woodside's KH Expression Galiano
(AKCDN13327001 (CKC MN896488))
AM/2X CAN SEL BIM CH Woodsides Khemosabi
(AKCDL77705901 (CKC GG458378))
FV CH Woodsides Kennedy Echolane
Echolane's Jenna v Woodside
BIF Woodsides Raven ROM ROMC
Woodside Only Fire Windigail
CAN CH VonRyder's Murphy of Woodside
SEL CH (CAN) Cherpa's Cincinati V Woodside ROMC
Woodside's Crystal V Windigail
Woodside Starward Von Ryder
No information about the Dam
Stylistic Chablis Graffitti
SEL CH (US) Hickoryhill's GQ Sirius Park
2000 GV CH Hickoryhill's Bull Durham TC HIC ROM
1996 GV CH (US) Stoneway's Uecker ROM
(AKCDL48703204 06-95)
Toro of Jeanden
(AKCD812662 05-90)
DuChien's Ghia of Langenau
(AKCDL339752/01 02-93)
Hundehaus Zoee Rosita
(AKCDL43458405 10-94)
Remy Crystal Rose
(AKCD787741 05-90)
(US) CH Sirius Parks Poetry Aladdin
AOE SEL CH (US) Schneiderhof's Urban Cowboy CD, TC, ROM
CH Jeral's Little Deuce Coupe
Sirius Parks Insignia
Rustic's Q.T. ROM
SEL CH (US/CAN) Stylistic Liberty V Chablis TC
CH Dan-Ann's Chablis Original Sin
CH (US) Dan-Ann's Nasdaq ROM
Dan-Ann's Sentimental Journey
Inflights Jubilee V Chablis ROM
(AKCDL60641901 (3-96))
Inflight's Fly So Free
(AKCDL45808011 (1-95))
Sid's Such A Perfect Moment
(AKCDL44925501 (8-95))
Survival's Simply the Best
CH (CAN) Survival's Kool Dude
CH (CAN) Hoheneichen Cassandra Survival ROMC
CH (CAN) Survival's Entrance
CH (CAN) Hoheneichen Cassandra Survival ROMC


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