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See if any dogs are linebred to VA1 Anschy von der Magistrale

Reverse linebreeding does a progeny listing to find out which descendants are linebred to this particular dog

For top producers this can be a huge list of dogs to work with (well over 100.000). So there is a limit to this check, just to keep the responce time within the acceptible

OKSA Onda 

German Shepherd Dog

Inserted 1.2 years ago  -   Father: V PEIK-PUTZ z Piaszczystej G√≥rki
Registry: PKR I 67614   -   Mother: RINA Ratta

camada pique nina 

German Shepherd Dog

Inserted 3 months ago  -   Father: Pique vom Gupishaus
Registry:    -   Mother: Nina vom Gupishaus

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