Simple pedigree chart for Stone River's Salhaus Slice of Life (2340129)

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Simple pedigree chart for Stone River's Salhaus Slice of Life

Stone River's Salhaus Slice of Life
Salhaus Touch of Gold
Royalair Silver Diesel of Salhaus
Royalair's Silver Mark
(AKCDN03707103 12-05)
Valiantdale's Boss Vom Icon CDX, TD, SCH 3-FH
(AKCDL453429/02 10-94)
Valiantdales Hapiy Fernheim CDX
(AKCDL37622306 03-93)
Valiantdale's Sophie
(AKCDL81063504 10-03)
Valiantdale's Panzer Bear CDX
(AKCDL57743903 09-96)
Valiantdale's Tiffany
(AKCDL60780601 08-98 blk/slvr)
Queen Anne's Lace
(AKCDN02353807 06-04 white)
Sir Prince Jacob
(AKCDL80474707 12-02 white)
Sir Jacob Schwine
(AKCDL66081707 02-99 white)
Jennifer's Queen Cleopatra
(AKCDL64728409 05-98 White)
Princess Lady Dianna
(AKCDL84013705 12-02 white)
A J Hecker
(AKCDL78050205 (09-00))
Aspin Arlene Hecker
(AKCDL592912/11 11-96 white)
Salhaus Lizzy of Black Magic
Israels Prophet of PST
Black Magic's Leo
(AKCDL802983/06 01-01)
Sir Canaan Blaze Of Carmichael
(AKCDL555279/01 03-97)
Lightning Sheba
(AKCDL594330/06 08-97)
Black Magic's Good Karma
(AKCDL71118102 06-00)
Strazsavari Athos
(AKCDL58948501 10-95)
Black Magic's Sunday Sugar
Black Magic's Ebony Israel
Black Magic's Ali
Scheuan Shadow Sidhe
Black Magic's Minime
(AKCDL827190/01 11-01)
Blue Denim von Ace
(AKCDL702293/05 11-98)
Black Magic's Good Karma
(AKCDL71118102 06-00)
Gemini's Not Just A Pretty Face
CH (US) Backacher's Whalen v Jericho PACIFIC COAST VICTOR
CH Backachers Chancellor v Al-Mar
CH (US) Caraland-Survival's Magellan ROM
Survival Windigail Goldengait
Al-Mars Indonesia
Al-Mars Chey
Jericho's Me Me of Backachers
AOE SEL EX CH (US) Backacher's Ruggiero v Milo ROM, CD, TC
Utopia's Sexy Sadie
Rivendell Utopia Sachet Jericho
Saddlecrest's-Utopia's Classic ROM
Woodside's Paris Stoneway
CH (US) Braunhaus Samurai ROM
SEL CH (US) Welove Du Chien's Rollins ROM
(AKCDL74015103 (05-00))
Welove Du Chien's Heather ROM
(AKCDL60788904 (08-98))
CH Chimanes Ko-Chi Ko-Chi Girl
(AKCDL65843701 (12-98))
Chimanes Boss
(AKCDL43499501 (08-94))
Chimanes Taylor
(AKCDL53031401 (01-97))
CH (AM/CAN) Woodsides Futuristic
FV CH Woodsides Kennedy Echolane
Echolane's Jenna v Woodside
BIF Woodsides Raven ROM ROMC
Woodside Only Fire Windigail

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