5 generation long pedigree for Zeman Billy Snowflake

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Zeman Billy Snowflake

AKC WA514777 White

Zeman's Broadfoot's Tex
AKC/WA258732 (1-63) White

Buckshot III
AKC/W882049 [10-58] White

White Major IV
AKC/W507288 [2-57] White, Cream
Polo of Rathmore
AKC/W284702 White, Cream
CH (US) Imperial of Long-Worth CDX
Geisha of Long-Worth
Pam (AKC 1950)
AKC/W217522 [1-51] Cream
Rollaway Ricky
Hattie Sue
AKC/W179028 White
Snow Princess
AKC/W310019 White, Dark Markings
Wilhelm of Beaumont
Morex of Long-Worth
Snow Queen of North Loop
AKC/W249874 White
Snow Queen of North Loop
AKC/W249874 White
Marx [W105720]
AKC/W105720 White
Pond View's Urania
AKC/W26779 [3-47]
Tami Kim Ray Grimm
AKC/WA50162 [9-60] White

Fritz of Grimm
AKC/W667696 08-56
Silver Grimm of Gregor
AKC/W293020 (02-52)
Gregor of Klugehaus
Von Eln's Liza
AKC/W96580 (10-48)
Cindy Klein Edelfrau
Baron von Goldgrundt
Hokuloa's Glamour Girl
AKC/W344593 06-53
Ray's Tim Kim
AKC/WA796 [9-59] White
Bobbie of River View
AKC/W552255 [4-57] White
Rex of Sioux Land
AKC/W374209 White
Lady Dorine II
AKC/W389839 White
Wessel's Lady Luck
AKC/W570235 [6-58]
Max Arno
AKC/W538830 06-55
Zeman's White Tulip
AKC/W412506 06-55
Zeman's White Billie
AKC/W681678 [12-57] White

Old Dependable White Prince
AKC/W450722 06-55 White

Old Dependable Tim ll
AKC/W326386 [12-52]
Old Dependable Tim
AKC/W326384 12-52
No information about the sire
Old Dependable Queen
Old Dependable Duchess
AKC/W326385 12-52)
Old Dependable King
AKC/AKC W326383 (white)
Old Dependable Queen
Old Dependable Queen II
AKC/W326380 12-52 White
White King ll
AKC/W159154 (white)
King of Carolina II
AKC/W078307 [6-48] White
Lady Carolina
AKC/W078306 (white)
Old Dependable Blondie lll
AKC/W326381 (white)
Old Dependable King
AKC/AKC W326383 (white)
Old Dependable Blondie II
AKC/W326388 (white)
Zeman's White Dahlia
AKC/W412507 [9-54] White

White King of Ama
AKC/W278182 White
Quicksilver von Verde Mont
Apollo von der Haus Elmuer
Beaumont Cecile von Verde Mont
AKC/W31206 white
Kiska of Casco Bay (Kishka)
CH (US) Remus of Gainwell
Greta of Casco Bay
AKC/A450279 [1-41]
Snow Queen Frau Karl Druchki
AKC/W241130 [5-51] White
Marx [W105720]
AKC/W105720 White
Morex of Long-Worth
Wanda Victoria Snow White
AKC/A696036 White
Rath-Maur's White Lady
AKC/W142176 White
Storm von der Kafra
Lena von Pless

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