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by Rik on 27 January 2021 - 21:01

this is a pretty good topic for discussion and IMO has gotten some good replies. the bottom line on issues like this is experience. if it didn't work, don't do it again. A stud with lots of breeding's probably does not produce a high incidence of defects. and if he does word gets out, but there may already be a lot of progeny out there.

tests for poly genetic issues are way down the road. that's why there is no test for HD, because there can be so many causes.
is there only one testicle? is there 2 but one didn't drop? did it drop and go back up several times?

did 1 out of 5 have the issue or 5 of 5?

the owner of the female will always blame the male and vice versa.

good luck,

by ANordquist on 28 January 2021 - 08:01


I don't think anyone is trying to blame anyone in these types of situations. At least I am not trying to do that. It is my belief that as breeders we should do everything we possibly can to responsibly breed and not carry over undesirable traits. While it can be just coincidental, it is more interesting that there are three litters with similar issues and one of the litters has several male puppies possessing no testicles per the female owners report. As far as I know the females from each breeding are not related.

But, if something doesn't work, don't do it again! :)


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