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by Hundmutter on 07 December 2020 - 04:12

Like a lot of pet owners, the OP has been lucky. He's got a bitch he clearly loves and who fulfills HIS FAMILY'S needs for what THEY want in a dog, (emphasis 'cos every owner / family have their own preferences); he hasn't been unlucky, in that his dog, although far from guaranteed an active healthy life by her own breeding, hasn't so far been crippled by any of the common conditions we are talking about and which only careful and informed breeding can give a better chance of avoiding.

If this female's breeders are 'just' pet breeders, how come they have had so many dogs as described by the OP? The odd litter produced because a family want their kids to see the miracle of birth, &/or because they want a pup to follow on from a great dog they've had does not usually lead to "several litters of great dogs". Usually the worry and the sheer hard work of raising a litter makes a majority of such people only produce the one litter, and then not want to repeat the experiment; and that is if its without any medical drama adding to their concerns. They do not usually fly in the face of accepted medical knowledge and produce many other puppies without health testing. Only where some money has been made are they likely to do that ... but at whose eventual expense ?

Mike D

by Mike D on 07 December 2020 - 15:12

Hello Fearday,

I too live in East Central Illinois.

Before you decide to become a breeder would you be interested in visiting my Schutzhund club (we train near Neoga, Il.)

Perhaps we could help you learn about the breed before you head down the breeder path.

BTW-I would not recommend breeding your girl. She is pretty and a wonderful pet, however breeding GSD's should be done with producing working dogs as the goal.



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