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by Lightle04 on 25 April 2020 - 21:04

I have a question and I’m sure it’s been asked before. I bought a shepherd last year with conditional registration. I didn’t know that until I made the 4 hour trip, seen the puppy and fell in love! It looks as though a great grandparent was questioned if now longer alive for a DNA test (which is how it was explained). Mom and Dad still have full registration however my dog is conditional. Is it due to the fact that this happened after her litter was born? AKC said my dog was the 1st generation and I would have to get to the 3rd for go back to normal. She has had one litter but I ended up breeding her with the same male again so does that keep those pups as the 2nd generation?  

by GSDHeritage on 25 April 2020 - 22:04

AKC Conditional Registrations

Since these dogs are proven through DNA testing sire unknown to be purebred dogs they are not allowed to be on the Pedigree Database. The Admin at this time are allowing dogs that were already entered by adding next to the Registration Number CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION for all future progeny. It is important that members of the PDB know the reason the dog has this next to their dogs pedigree. Members entering dogs with UR Registration are also included they are not accepted on the PDB.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 25 April 2020 - 22:04

AKC said your dog was 1st generation. Sounds like a pup from her would then be 2nd generation and a pup from that 2nd dog would be 3rd generation.

by GSDHeritage on 26 April 2020 - 09:04

Lightle04   What this means is a sire in the background of your dogs pedigree did not DNA back to the sire. So if the dog has a unproven unknown sire so regardless of how many generations the progeny is DNA'd the dog still can never be proven to be a purebred German Shepherd Dog.  This is the reason these dogs are not allowed on the PDB as the PDB is for Purebred Registered dogs only.  The dogs in the past that were entered we left here to make members aware of these dogs in the background have a unproven sire "QD letters for USA dogs and UR letters for Foreign dogs

"Will the registrations ever revert to Full?

Current policy for introducing breeds into the AKC registry requires a three-generation pedigree on each dog. This policy will also apply to dogs when an “unknown” dog is found in its pedigree based on a failed DNA test. An individual dog’s registration can be reverted to regular registration status with the completion of a DNA sample verifying parentage of that individual dog and confirming three generations of DNA-verified parentage. Returning to full registration after three generations of verified parentage is also in line with the acceptance of imported dogs with three-generation pedigrees from the country of origin."


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