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by TIG on 25 April 2020 - 16:04

Just a postscript  re guarantees. Having a legal background most of them are not worth the paper they are written on - tho note they are often actually not written.Just verbal promises.

It's not unusual for some of the most unscrupulous to offer what sounds like some of the most complete and fantastic guarantees. They do this knowing it sucks people in  especially the new, the uninformed,  the uneducated. They do it either knowing that they have written it in a way as to be unenforceable (require special foods or supplements to be fed, offering a hip guarantee that requires the dog be xrayed b4 no later than 2 yrs when for OFA they must be 2 years or greater so most people wait for the 2nd birthday to pass  etc etc).  They know if you are buying from across the country or the ocean that it is highly unlikely you can/will make a legal claim against them because it is too hard and costs too much

The other reality is you want to buy a dog not a potential lawsuit. If you are buying a juvenile or adult have it screened b4 you buy and if not by you have the right to re screen within a defined time period and by all means write a contract but with some good legal advice.

If you are buying a puppy, first find a breeder that you are comfortable doing a handshake deal with - if not it is doubtful a "contract" will be of any use. Secondly understand that puppies are a crap shoot and anything can and will happen no matter how well a job the breeder has done. Thirdly understand that this is a living breathing, thinking creature not a toaster and make the commitment that regardless of the problems that come up you will keep it & love it and find something that it's mind & body can do and enjoy and that you will not turn away or throw it away just because a goal of yours has to be delayed or changed.

by Rik on 25 April 2020 - 16:04

a "guarantee" is only as good as the person behind it.

regardless what one thinks they are getting in a guarantee, they are written by the breeder/seller and the person they protect is the breeder/seller.


by Jenni78 on 25 April 2020 - 19:04

It's really not that hard.  Learn your s*** before you try to be a hotshot and you're a lot less likely to get screwed. Be more concerned about the dog than yourself. Don't go into it planning on how you're going to stick it to the seller or buyer, whichever end you're on. Don't be brand new and arrogant. These things will help you attract the right seller instead of pissing them off. When someone calls me badmouthing the breeder of their last dog and telling me what a piece of s*** dog it was, I'm just about guaranteed to be fresh out of pups and won't be breeding anytime in the next several years.

People who care about their dogs are interviewing buyers twice as hard as buyers think they're interviewing the seller. If you feel like you need a guarantee, you probably shouldn't be buying that dog. The guarantee should protect the dog, period, and only help facilitate the buyer's cooperation in doing whatever is best for the dog, ie, buyback guarantees.


by TIG on 25 April 2020 - 19:04


"The guarantee should protect the dog, period, and only help facilitate the buyer's cooperation in doing whatever is best for the dog, ie, buyback guarantees."




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