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by hexe on 08 April 2020 - 06:04

The smart money would say that if you're hell-bent of having a family protection dog and truly willing to pay the very dear cost for a protection 'device' that can be eliminated with one well-placed bullet, AT LEAST find someone local enough that you and your family are able to go through handling training with the person you purchase the dog from.

Where are you located?


by GK1 on 08 April 2020 - 09:04

Lol @ $60, 80, 120K USD for elite trained, executive pd; $3K for a “tested” 9 week old pooper.

GSD is a wise choice in breed; buying locally in order to interact with prospect in person before buying is optimal imo.

As we can see, the price of the right dog is precisely what one is willing to pay..and not a dollar less!

by Centurian on 08 April 2020 - 09:04

IMOP I agree with Hired's comment. Add to hwat he stated . All dogs need to be handled ! All dogs doing protection nwork need to be interacted with . Alldogs that have capability to protect need to be at all yimes under control . So anyonethat has a dog like this whether intentionally trained and capable or whether or not as Duke said the dog has the naural proclivity to protect , still must be handled , they must at all times be ready to take and execute you orders. That means aslo that you have to constantly be practicing or implementing obedience with this dog. It's time , effort and work on the owner's part for the rest of the time the dog is owned . That is to say one does just get a dog of this caliber , again wither trained or not to protect , and the dog is on it's own .

The other consideration is this : Unless in a manner of speaking , you have that dog hanging on your pant leg , it cannot protect you every minute/second of the day . There are many many ,many circumstances in life that the dog will not be with you , and some of those circumstances is where protection may very well be needed. For example you may be a Realtor showing a house - are you gong to bring your dog into the showing ? You may be leaving your work place , you may be leaving store and your dog is in the vehicle . Can your dog protect you in those circumstances ? Most likely not - I used this example of a Realtor because in life realtors are one of the most prime targets of criminals. That was an example only to highlight that in everyone's life their are times whereby we are vulnerable and the dog can't or won't be with us. Ditto what Hired stated in his post !!! One of the best choices that you have is to learn to shoot and get a gun if you need protection . I am not a gun fantic, but for someine that needs to obtain safety and security , a gun can be with you often . They cannot kill your gun , and you can learn how to always safeguard/protect your weapon [gun] so that it won't be taken from you . In addition learn how to defend yourself and teach your children how to defend themsleves. This is not just about fighting and being physical only because learning how to protect yourself is as much mental and behaviorally based , as it is about fighting ! And ... think about what happens if someone shoots or kills your dog first .. dogs do not stop bullets do they- what in the world would a family member do or could you do if your dog was shot ?

There is much that YOU can do . On my key chain I have a whistle , no that is not for my dogs , it is for alerting , bringing atention to myself if I am ever in danger. I also carry , when I can, a mag flashlight with strobe lights 1million candle strength that also is used as a weapon. I carry a hidden knife with me at times too . If you are a woman you can carry a hairbrush and make a point at the end of the handle and use that as weapon . I wear a dog leash 4' / chain collar wrapped around my waste. I don't wear it soley because of my dogs, I use that leash/choke chain foremost as a weapon . I can tie someone up with that leash to restrain him as I fight or I can opt to wack someone with the chain to the head while fighting. To repeat , A person can do a lot .

One last comment ... many times , and I say most often , if someone is going to be bothered by someone, there most likely will be more than other 1 person helping . Statistically , there is going to be more than one assailant. So , even if you have dog - while that dog is engeaged with one person , there may be at least more person who will kill that dog and while the dog is engaged with one person the other person will engage with you .

To recap : think about the value of having a dog that you have to keep in training with, in order to protect you /family . Think of all those things that you can do to protect yourself . And in your consideration , think of all the advantages and disadvanteges. IMOp, a dog for protection will not affford you or your family all the protection that you may need - Take Hired's advice ...

by ThatWasClose on 08 April 2020 - 18:04

Hahaha, good to see GSCat caught my sense of humor. I meant liquid. Though for $80 to $120k the dog better fart fairy dust too. ;)

I live deep in cattle country. Dallas & Oklahoma City are both about 3 hours away. The IPO type dog clubs are that far away too. The nearest WalMart is over 25 miles. The nearest Target is 50. I have not been to Target in over a decade.  It has been 2-3 of years since I was last to WalMart. Once a month I drive 13 miles to grocery shop at a little independent grocer in the next county. I am not even going there this month with all this Corona Virus going on. We do have a couple of dollar stores where I can buy canned goods & toilet paper. Not that there has been any toilet paper lately. And quite frankly the food aisle is still rather stripped bare too.

I have guns. A gun is not going to alert me if someone/some animal is around. I learned to shoot as child from the Range Master his own self, on a military installation, when I was 12.  A gun can easily be taken away from a person, especially in the scenarios where some of you are saying the bad guys are working in pairs.  I am old. I am not going to be fist fighting or karate chopping off any attackers.  I would rather have a dog around to have my back.

I am looking to replace a dog I had to put down due to infirmities of old age. He was 15 1/2.  A once once in a lifetime dog. Very social. Loved baby animals & children. Excellent with livestock. Had a solid recall. Would release when told. Could be left free out in the yard for hours with no worry of his leaving. If you ask me, this dog did walk on water.  I was extremely blessed to have had him in my life.

I do not want a puppy. I would rather just buy a trained adult. 

I keep my personal old horses in the backyard.  Also some older cows I sell calves from to help fund scholarships. (Yes, my backyard probably much bigger than yours.)  Sometimes I have chickens. I have great mouser cats.  Sometimes I bring a couple-three Catahoula's or Black Mouth Cur's home from the ranch.  Mainly just when I can actually see coyotes from my porch.  Once the coyotes get the hint, the dogs go back to their pack.

I keep a goofy Cur & a little fluffy dog as house dogs.  They are both neutered.

Anything else ya'll want to know?  My underwear & shoe size?  I can't walk on water.  But I have been known to fart, & never once was it fairy dust.

by ValK on 08 April 2020 - 22:04

you did put wrong header on your topic.
PP dog isn't dog for LE, military or even dog to patrol border line.
i looked links, offered by xPyrotechnic and NatureDragon, sorry folks, neither of those offer personal protection dog. one shows outgrown pup, another skyhigh prices for IPO dogs.
from your last description it's became clear - you don't need PP dog. what you need is a relatively big/intimidatingly looking dog with strong stable temperament, decent level of aggression, distrust and suspicious to strangers. the basic obedience training would be sufficient enough to perform desirable for you duties.
now about practical approach. GS dog could be good candidate but problem arise - where to find today GS dog who is physically impressive, isn't overloaded by all of that (highly desirable today) drives and who's smart enough to be able for independent work.
perhaps you shouldn't limit your search to GSD. ND earlier hinted to mastiff type breed. i also think the dog of molosser/mastiff type would be most suitable for your purpose and wouldn't push you to file bankruptcy.

by GSCat on 08 April 2020 - 22:04

ThatWasClose-- If you're interested in GSD, I highly recommend Hrdinneho z Odvahy  They're located in Texas.  If they don't have what you need, they can probably recommend someone.  Or they can advise who to work with training a puppy or dog you get from them.  They do work closely with another kennel, but I forgot off-hand which one it is.  They also have some useful links under the INFO tab.  It just so happens the website shows an available dog that might be of interest to you (look in the AVAILABLE tab).  There's also an older puppy available, but she would need a lot more work than the dog.




by ThatWasClose on 08 April 2020 - 23:04

The header is correct. I want a family type personal protection dog. Most likely a GSD. I have no clue what fair & honest pricing on them should be. So I asked here.

Thanks in Advance.

by xPyrotechnic on 09 April 2020 - 00:04

When people mention social easy going PP dog they are generally talking about dogs like Kaj, he is not what you and i and some other people think of as PP.

Mastiffs are excellent recommendations, 1 mastiff type is Cane Corso they are less work and extremely loving towards the handler and its family, that is what they were bred for and are very good at PP,. Most of the cane corso breeders breed for show so i can only recommend 3 breeders in total taht produce some excellent working stock. il contado del moliise, masseria moccaro and cotte cerbu funzionale ortognata

by ThatWasClose on 09 April 2020 - 02:04

Polite version: I do not want a mastiff, for if the dog ever gets hurt I will not be able to get it into the truck. Secondly, I am not spring chicken, so how am I supposed to hold back such a big dog if ever gets truly pissed off & wants to go after someone or something? Thirdly, unless I get a puppy & highly socialize it, a mastiff is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Remember, I do not want a puppy.


by Hundmutter on 09 April 2020 - 04:04

Yeah TWC appreciate those points about size etc - but I am not sure you will find the dog, or the price for it, that you want on common sale. I do not know - and I expect most people here do not know either - of any breeder or Trainer who is really prepared to specialise in training "ordinary family-oriented dogs which will definitely bark at anyone (or even just strangers) approaching the property" and not much else. Rather than training Bitework (which as has been pointed out needs regular training upkeep; and can, while still current, cause more problems than answers).

Partly because giving warning in defence of property, even more than the people living on that property, is mostly about defence of home territory - so it comes with being used to living somewhere. Not really a transferable skill.

You also have a 'mismatch of terminology' problem; trainers advertising 'PP' dogs generally therefore ARE advertising the highly trained sports or LE disciplines, and their fees are set accordingly.

Add in the amount of misinformation about how well dogs are trained, and the scamming that goes on throughout this 'industry', and you might find yourself well out of pocket on a dog that does not do what you want it to do anyway. So you might just as well get one from your nearest Shelter and start working with it to respect you, your family and your house.


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