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by emoryg on 13 September 2018 - 23:09

Does anyone know what the time limit is for submission of hip xrays to the SV? Would the xrays taken in June 2018 still be accepted if sent in September 2018? Thanks!

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 14 September 2018 - 00:09

What organization do you belong to that you will be using to send the x rays USA or WDA.  They can tell you

I have never known of an individual being able to send them not going through one of the organizations


by emoryg on 14 September 2018 - 00:09

Thank you for the follow up. I will go through USA. My vet is waiting to hear if they will still be accepted before sending over the digital image. I have not heard back from USA, but in all fairness, I only emailed them earlier today.


by Spruell on 14 September 2018 - 15:09

yes, they should be acceptable, as long as the date the xray was taken is noted on the xray as well as the dog's date of birth (dog must be older than 12 month). Ii just spoke to USCA yesterday and they are planning on submitting to Sv on 9/28.


by emoryg on 14 September 2018 - 21:09

USA wrote back.  Apparently the xrays are good for ten years.  I first used the USA/SV astamp program around 1993 or 94.  The xrays were always submitted within a few weeks of the procedure, never longer than two months.  Other than now submitting as a digital image, not much has changed.    



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