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by Rik on 23 June 2018 - 00:06

there are many issues that a health conscious breeder needs to deal with if breeding the GSD. Anyone who thinks HD/ED/nerves are not genetic, have fun, I didn't.

I guess I;m lucky, but in 30 years of GSD, Am. s/l, GSL, GWL, I have never had or seen DM. My first exposure to it was on this board and I had my bitch tested before breeding her. she was negative.

hd/ed/nerves are demonstrable, identifiable genetic traits. I have washed out dogs for not passing these tests. as well as missing teeth, short fronts, short stride, short/steep croup and many other issues that did not align with my goals. ( and I could care less if my goals at the time meet anyone;s goals today.)

but a test not proven to prove anything on an otherwise dog that meets so many criteria, and no evidence of DM in the ancestery, hell no. a good dog is hard/expensive to come by. and it's going to take something hard to wash them out.


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