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by German Shepherd on 17 December 2017 - 21:12

Our experience with Ruben Ceballos, Lino Calvo & Sasha von Calvo
I saw an ad posted on Sept 16th pedigree database
For sale Advertised as Tyson vom Köttersbusch daughter –great producer
I emailed the person advertising the dog and he said –

"Here is her pedigree

Date of birth: October 30, 2011

Litters:" 7, 9, 7 all healthy pups." She is a great mother

Yes in a month and a half she will be six." She is in excellent health." She has great ball and toy drive. She likes to play the tugging game. She has always been in great health.

I never had her titled because she is my pet, and I didn't have a need for it. She is in my opinion," more than capable of becoming titled. "

Her important paperwork is AKC. She was born from her mother that was bred to Tyson in Germany and then shipped to the US. Both of her parents are titled.

Yes," she has her pre-limbs done. Elbows, knees, and hips all great. "

I haven't actually measured her height, but she is on the higher end of the standard. Around 60 cm's tall. Maybe a little bit taller. Her weight last time I checked was 65 pounds.

Date of" last litter was February 13th." I bred her every other cycle.

Let me know if I can provide you with any more information. Her exact height and weight can be measured for you if you are seriously interested. However, the numbers I gave you should be very close.

You are welcome

She should be in" heat again in November". She has only had 3 litters. From my knowledge, females can be bred until 8 years old. That is 4 litters if you are breeding every cycle. I can easily see her doing that because she is really healthy.

And not that it means anything, but I didn't sell any of her puppies for less than 1500. I averaged 2000 per puppy on my last litter. Anytime people would come meet her, they left a deposit.

The reason I am selling her is because I'm moving to NJ, and she is the only thing holding me back at this point.

I am located in Miami
Believe me when I tell you that she is larger than 90% of the black and red females on pedigree database. She is definitely not small at all. I'm 100% sure you would not be disappointed with her size. I actually haven't met a showline gsd female that is bigger than her.

Yes she is "my pet and lives inside." I'm not one of those kennels with a million dogs in my backyard." Sasha is an excellent pet.

About not having a male. You are better off not having a male. I have a close connection with a lot of reputable breeders here in Miami. If you get the chance to have her, I'll recommend you to the best male studs.

1500 for her is low for me. If I can't move her within a couple weeks I will consider your offer. If you know about German showlines, you know what she is worth. Tyson vom Kottersbusch is one of the greatest producers out there (if he is still alive). It is rare to find a daughter of his in the states. I appreciate the honesty though. A budget is a budget.

Thank you Linda, Ruben

A stud fee ranges from 500 for a basic stud to 1500 for a top class world champion stud. They usually have requirements, proving that the female doesn't have an infection. They are always easy to work with.

She is not an import, but comes from German champion parents.

"""You will get the DN number that is on her AKC paperwork. She is also microchipped, and that number is also on her paperwork. I will also give you the prelim papers. I will provide you with a Florida health certificate stating her health. """

The AKC full registration is all you need to register your litter when you have it.

The lowest price I would take right now is 1950. That means 1950 total including, me making the 4.5 hour drive to take her to your home.

That is my final offer"". I know what she is worth. I guarantee you will not find a better deal than that. "" Especially for a dog like Sasha."" When you get a dog shipped, you never know what problems are coming with the dog. A lot of times they tell you the dog has a good temperament, but when you receive he dog it's scared of its own shadow. ""With Sasha, you are getting what you pay for. ""

""I'm only sharing from my personal experience, and frustrations. Just be careful who you do business with. ""

Let me know what you think, Linda."" I want her to go to a good home""

Hi, Linda
Are you still interested in Sasha?
Best, Ruben

I am willing to sell her for the offer you gave me before. 1500
You will love her, I am sure of it.

Yes the best would be to wait until I head north. I will be driving up 95 or the turnpike. I will look into a good spot where it would not be too out of your way.

Cash is always best """ I will have all the paperwork with me."""

Her loving your family is not a concern whatsoever. She is very resilient. She will pick one person from the family (most likely the person that feeds her or walks her), and have a special bond with them. She will love the rest of the family, but will follow around her person throughout the day.""" I live with a family of 5 and always have visitors so she is well socialized.""" She's great all around. She's great with kids too. I have zero complaints about her.

I will start planning now and will text you the details. Looking forward to meeting Sasha's new family!
Her last heat was late June so you will not miss her heat.

I am feeding her Purina ProPlan Plus chicken flavored.

She does not have to go into her crate. She won't have any accidents, and won't tear up your house.
Sasha is easy to care for. She loves to play. She has a puppy mind.
I think Daytona would be perfect
And yes! When I meet you""" I will give you my best contact. I will talk to him beforehand to make sure that he takes care of you.""

I am moving to NJ soon
I wanted to ask if you can send me a deposit for Sasha just to make sure you're going to take her. I know how serious you are and everything, but I rather be safe than sorry. I hope you understand.

Best regards,

PayPal works! You can send it to my PayPal email which is the same as the email I am emailing you from.

Hi Linda

The last email I got was about whether or not I received your deposit and I did respond to that. I apologize for not giving you the ETA sooner.

I am not staying in Deland. After I hand over Sasha I will continue my road trip.

At what time would I be most convenient for you? If I remember correctly, you said after 9am. I am 4 and a half hours away and just want to make sure that I don't leave during rush hour.

Have a great day at church!
As far as training: she works best when motivated by treats!"" She comes ,sits , stays, barks, and lays down. Those are the only commands I taught her. She walks well on a leash."" I don't have any videos of it.

Yes I will bring some extra food for you to mix for her. I will give you a bowl and leash.

Her vaccine records I actually didn't keep. I just had her routine deworming and rabies shot. I believe what the vet used was panacure for the deworming. Her last heat was in June. I don't remember the last day of her cycle. You will most likely have to get a progesterone test which usually costs around 60 dollars. The test is done to ensure she is getting bred on the correct days. Also if you are doing the breeding elsewhere, you would want a good idea of where she is in her heat for you to plan your meet up with the stud.

""Lino """is the owner of the best studs in the US. He's really great! He's the #1 contact in the German Shepherd business. He's located in Miami. I already spoke to him about you, and he said he is going to take care of you. """

Would you be able to meet up at 5pm?
[I had to ask him for his contact number- he finally gave it to me on October 16! The day we met!]

I just left the house. Call me at any time if you'd like.

Me speaking now- the buyer......Okay,... so now we meet for me to buy Sasha von Calvo and Reuban shows up in a Von Calvo Kennel shirt. He has another dog he says he is delivering , "‘but don’t worry you are getting the much better dog’"" he says . Reuban only has Sashas AKC registration papers and (we later noticed he wasn’t the owner for very long not long enough to have had the 3 litters of pups)
he states he Works for his Uncle Leno Calvo and' lives there on the premisis', that Leno had the other litters and then gave him the dog and he (ruben) had one litter.

I asked for all the other paperwork that he promised would come with her- he said something ‘about a man just arrived from Turkey and he accidently left it all on the counter at home.’(my mind is so confused,, trying to remember what he told me in emails,,,) That he ‘would mail it to me as soon as he could. I asked him to give his Word, to Vow to me that he would send me her records’ {shots-health cert. and hip records] I asked for his vets name so I could at least know what was done so I knew something. He said he would let me know the vets number as soon as he arrived in NJ.

I pay for the dog thinking she is a healthy family house dog, not a kennel dog, had nice size litters , all healthy pups, trained etc... NOT

The dog is lean, very dry light coat and boy does she stink! She is itching constantly – like allergies?
vet says getting mange and prob was on steroid shots prednizone pills to keep her clear and may be sterile

She knows her name and how to come but not much more than that- she certainly can NOT be titled as described
Sure enough a search shows he indeed does live at the residence (thus the family of 5 he describes in his email) of Von Calvo Kennel! she is a kennel dog!!
Its right on the AKC papers

Von Calvo German Shepherds is there and has the family of 5- :(

I thought the dog didn’t live at a kennel?- that’s how he represented her in emails- he was very vague about Leno Calvo until the day of pickup.

I waited a week for Ruben to settle in to his place in NJ then contacted him many times by phone leaving messages AND I sent emails.

Of course he never contacted me like he Vowed he would.
I needed those records- the law requires that he was supposed to give them to me and who is going to let you at their kennel to breed their stud with out proof of them?

I contacted Leno Calvo who said ‘’ " Ruben is truthful, if he says something it is true-he will do what he says, He has only worked with my dogs a few times, he did not live here.’’"

When Ruben finally emailed me he turns this on me!!!! see below his emails (even thought he has broken the Law – Florida Statue the dog was legally supposed to come with a health certificate)

Oct 24 he finally replies;
"“If you wanted a health certificate you should have told me that before I made the trip. I told you I had no problem doing anything that you needed me to do. I gave you my word that I would do my best to get you the records. I had her on bravectto every month. The last dose I gave her was September. I will make space for Sasha here in NJ if you don't want her. Just let me know”"

I tell him.... I would like him to take this female back because ‘He never gave me any records & I had to get her shots, deworm, feet trim and she still had skin problems. ( by now I know there are no vet records or hip xrays coming my way)’’

He never replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I decide to look at the reg papers closer and notice the mother on the pedigree link he sent me is NOT the same as on the AKC papers, Hello !!different mother! ,, I decide to call AKC where they say
she had one litter in 2014 of 7 pups (NOT 9)
And 3 pups in 2015
and 3 pups in 2016!
So NOT 7-9-7 all healthy like he said !!!!!!!!!!!

I contact Leno to complain and I guess he contacts Reuben and finally on"" Dec 4th Reuben offers to take the dog back""
( but will not give me one dime more that I put into the dog-!!! ….

.think about it, he LIES to get $ from me, …he totally misrepresents the dog – takes my money- wont reply about coming to get her back and I have to pay VET, Food & Care for this dog for 2 months- I have over $500 into this dog in care.
I have had this dog on human grade food for $22.95 a 50 oz bag(x4 a week) and expensive probiotics,, gentle shampoos with special oils to help soothe - just to help keep the dog from itching herself to death!

Dec 4th
Hi Linda,
Can you please give me a call when you have the chance so we can arrange me getting Sasha back. Thank you!
Best regards,

(awe sooo sweet a letter- after Uncle Leno calls him!) best regards? From a man who RIPPED me off!!!
like we are friends?

I asked him to pay pal me my money- reply; I will give you cash, because you seem really angry and unreasonable.
(who wouldn’t be angry that they were LIED to – forced to care for a dog that he said he would take back a month ago)

I asked him to compensate me also for all her bills


I understand your frustration. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say about my uncle. He literally had nothing to do with our arrangement. I recommended him for stud service, and that was it. I am not affiliated in business nor do I represent VonCalvo. I haven’t received any phone calls from you. I have tried calling, but have not gotten response that way.

This is besides the point because I am here now, talking to you, to do the best I can for you.

About her pedigree.. Jose Diaz, which was the breeder, was the one who entered her information on PD. I didn’t have access to correct the information. I’m not going to sit here and give you excuses. I rather make things right by you.

I don’t have a job yet, and am living in NJ. I told my parents about the situation, and they are willing to lend me the 1500 so I can pay you back.

I will gladly make a 32+ hour total road trip to give you your money back. It’s going to cost me so much money that I don’t have.

Asking for an extra 500 because you are mad, I don’t believe to be fair. Can we please come to the 1500 agreement, Linda?

(remember he TOOK ,my $ under false pretenses – didn’t give me any records so I HAD to invest in this dog- and he will not give me a dime for all my months of costs and troubles) and if someone else made a pedigree link,,, dont you check it out,,, dont you see its a different mother? you have no excuse when you advertise something,, you need to make sure what you are selling,,, right?

Maybe your thinking I should just be glad to get my purchase price back but its December 16th and the dog is still her and I am caring for her!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ask for my money again; reply
I’m not sending you anything on paypal. You can get your money in person. By your money you mean 1500 right?

AWE look he is so nice to me ;

Hey Linda,
Can you please send me your email address associated with your PayPal account so I can send you the 100?
Before I send the 100 I just want to make sure we are on the same page. I will be giving you a total of 1500 for Sasha with her AKC papers?
Thank you in advance!
Next email

I’m being as nice as possible considering you are bad mouthing me in every single email.

I am giving you your deposit TODAY, not on next Saturday, December 16 (just to be clear). Again, I will send you your deposit as soon as I am sure that we are on the same page.

You are mentioning probiotics and nail trimmings. This gives me the feeling that you are still asking for more.

If you weren’t being so rude I would have paypaled you the full 1500, but I don’t know where your mind is. You call me a liar in every email. I get the point, Linda.

Again, as soon as we are on the same page, you will get your deposit.
Thank you

She will be picked up December 16. I don’t know how you expect me to have a dog picked up in the middle of the woods in Florida from one day to another. That’s not how things work. People have other things to do. I am not being evasive at all. It took me longer to drop off Sasha. A week and a couple days is not that bad.

My friend that lives in Georgia is going to pick her up. His name is Steven Lopez. He is in the army, so maybe you will trust him more than myself. He will give you 1400 (because I will be sending the deposit soon of 100).

I’m paying"" him all the gas"" he spends and money on top to do me the favor, but hey I’m not complaining. I just want to get this over with.

Let me know if anything isn’t clear. Thank you

I again confirm that the dog will be picked up Saturday the 16th
Yes, Sasha, will be picked up this Saturday.
My friends phone number is 
You can give me the address or give him the address if you would like.

so now he is complaining that because he is doing me the big favor,, after he is caught in Lies,,,, that he is having to pay gas to have the dog picked up

see how people twist things

no apology
I will contact Florida Ag dept to report him for sale of a dog with NO required health cert
and he will have to pay every dime I have into this dog including purchase price
that is the Law
so Buyer beware people

Like Ruben said - ""Just be careful who you do business with"

so far The dog is still here – it is December 16th- now one is coming for her- the guy canceled the pick up- How would you feel? I just wanted everyone to know my experience with Ruben Nephew of Leno Calvo when I purchased Sasha von Calvo.



by jmcnees1 on 18 December 2017 - 00:12

can you remove the contact info for those involved

by jdiaz1791 on 18 December 2017 - 02:12

Hi, I will comment because my name was mentioned. I didnt register that dog.
Her mother,Jana Demenhof,was never bred to Tyson , according to records. I brought Lino Calvo to Germany on 2013 when he bought Jana from a breeder in Germany ,so dont know how she was born in 2011 ?!
I suggest you do a DNA with AKC.

Lino Calvo tells everyone hes been breeding German Shepherds for years, when in fact his first litter was registered in 2010 or 2011, from dogs I gave him for free, check with AKC records.

Before that he bred Maltese, Rottweilers, etc

He doesnt have any Ruben nephew, its a made up story cause he changed ownership of his dogs afraid that i would had gotten them in the lawsuit.
So that guy sells his dogs and says this.

Disclaimer: Me and Lino lawsuit..
In 2010 a friend told me to help Lino learn about German Shepherds, I did and then after a couple of years of seen what he was all about, I told him "no more helping him" and he sued me.

He tells everyone he won, but fails to explain how: A German breeder, which i introduced to Lino, was telling him of dogs i was trying to buy and Lino bought the dogs when the lawsuit was going on and when i realized this, i told breeders in Germany what happened, this breeder then texted me cause the people in Germany told him off, and when i replied to him, Lino's lawyers claim i interfered with their witness, and judge Gave Lino the case.
I spent all the money i had saved all my life from working in this lawsuit.

Many people judged me without knowing the truth, look at the case records, what Lino claimed and what he testified to , clearly contradicting.
Many people in the show circle can verify this.
Those of you who trust him, good luck.

by German Shepherd on 18 December 2017 - 02:12

I received a text from Mr Lino when I said I spoke to you- he said Great then you know I sued him and got a judgement against him-

I am sorry Jose this has happened to you- truly I know exactly how you feel helping someone out to learn about shepherds, breeding, importing,, and I may just do a search with AKC to see the ways you suggested to find out about this breeder- its crazy that he doesnt have a nephew Ruben? who was that guy? who brought me the dog?
in his emails he was a seasoned smooth talker- in his description of the dog I was inquiring about-

THANK you for helping and sharing your comments and knowledge/experience you had with him

Your a great breeder! I have seen many of the dogs you have produced!


by jdiaz1791 on 27 December 2017 - 15:12

Calvo is threatening to sue me again,because I am telling the truth here,and defending myself when Ruben said to this customer that I had bred,register this dog,another lie.

This is who Ruben Ceballos is,like I said, a customer,works for Calvo, and who Calvo had put this dog in his name,look at these reviews.

Ruben saying “I am a consistent customer “ and  Calvo answering “its a pleasure to have a customer like you as well “

An image

by German Shepherd on 27 December 2017 - 17:12

If you notice the in the email from A Ruben Cabellos (who said to me in person he Lived with his uncle Lino Calvo and worked for him)
Ruben states in the Email that Jose Diaz put the pedigree database link - up for Sasha von Calvo - with the wrong mother, but I will show you the proof that if you go to the Sasha von Calvo pedigree link and check who really posted the dog you will see it is Von Calvo and the link for the Sasha pedigree was made Jan30 2017!!! and you will notice that he changed the name of the sire for Sasha von Calvo
and the papers I was given for a Sasha von Calvo have a different mother alltogether!!!!!!! the mother akc shows is Babette
SO the Lies keep arising and I am out over $500 just for the care of this dog- I want my money who ever you are that posted wrong info on this dog, sold me this dog and it is a $550 fine for not giving me a health certificate with Sasha von CALVO- from Von Calvo kennel - the guy was wearing a Von Calvo shirt!!! maybe the papers were put in Ruben name because Von Calvo didnt want to get in trouble for breaking the Florida Statute law. - did EVERYONE see the other post above- the review for Von Calvo from the Nephew?? is he really the nephew or the hired hand delivery boy - kennel boy- and not really a nephew - certainly NOT a customer!!!!!!!!!!!!

see pedigree changes below, where Von Calvo himself posts a pedigree for this dog!! and then tells me someone else posted it with the wrong mother:
Change history for Sasha von Calvo
Current entry has green background
Breed Name Gender Registration Reg number Title Achievement D.O.B Color Height Front HD Back HD Father Mother Tattoo KKL Owner Created User Modify date DNA Microchip Extra
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F AKC DN33283901 30 oct 2011 Black & Red V SG3 Tyson vom Köttersbusch SCHH3 V Jana vom Demenhof IPO1 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Fantom76 (admin) 31 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F V SG3 Tyson vom Köttersbusch SCHH3 V Jana vom Demenhof IPO1 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Fantom76 (admin) 31 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F V SG3 Tyson vom Köttersbusch SCHH3 V Jana vom Demenhof IPO1 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F V Jana vom Demenhof IPO1 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F VA8(BSZS) VA1(USA) VA2(B) Peik vom Holtkämper Hof SCHH3 V Jana vom Demenhof IPO1 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F V Jana vom Demenhof IPO1 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 GSD Ancestry (Ped admin) 30 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F No information about the Dam Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017
German Shepherd Dog Sasha von Calvo F No information about the Sire No information about the Dam Von Calvo 30 jan 2017 Von Calvo 30 jan 2017

by German Shepherd on 27 December 2017 - 19:12

News Update- as Posted above
von Calvo put a pedigree link for Sasha von Calvo
naming the Mother as Jana Demehof
and sire as Peik Holtkamper
then he changes the sire name to Tyson

when I received the akc papers on the dog and realized the mother (Babette) was not the same dog as on pedigree database

I contacted Ruben who said he Lived at Lino Calvos home and was his nephew and was delivering dogs for him,
Ruben stated " Jose Diaz , which was the breeder, was the one who entered her on pedigree database

UH really!!! What a Lie- because as posted above- go see for yourself- VON CALVO put her on pedigree database
'and' changed information more than once!! what doesnt Von Calvo know the name of the parents OR is there another reason that he is changing her information

according to AKC Lino Calvo was the Owner of Babette!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the mother of Sasha von Calvo- -
why is Lino stating that the mother was Jana? doesnt he know what dog he is breeding?????

I am really thinking there is something strange
1: that you post a dog and change the parentage more than once!
2 that you dont know what the mother of your dog is
3;that you dont know what puppies you have from a Dam

These people have been shady since I got this dog
I feel I should at least be reimbursed for the money I have in this dog

I will be contacting Dept of Agriculture to report what is coming from Von Calvo kennel
the von calvo driver with the Von Calvo Shirt & logo with another Von Calvo dog being delivered

Never gave me any Florida Health certificate

I am wondering if they gave me NO paperwork because the dog was not really Sasha? or her records showed something different from what I was told

again AKC Stated that Ruben Cabellos- who said Lino Calvo was his Uncle- Was owner and the 2 litters were only of 3 puppies each NOT 9 & 7!!!!!!!!!!!
and that Lino Calvo from Von Calvo Kennel Miami Florida was owner of Babette
the real mother of Sasha von Calvo

so If you want to get taken for $$$$$$$$$$$- for a sick dog with NO health Certificate
Lied to about parantage
amount of puppies the dog produces
or health and ownership

then Good luck if you deal with Ruben Cabellos or Lino Calvo- or Von Calvo who put up this pedigree

I want my $500 I have in this dog or I want $25 x 60 days of care

by German Shepherd on 27 December 2017 - 19:12

Who is Herminio Cabellos?? why is Ruben giving Lino Calvo a review??? Why isnt the review saying Lino Calvo my uncle is a great guy--- so funny I just realized that Ruben Cabellos never said when he offered Lino Calvo for stud service in an email to me - that he was his Uncle
so Is he really the uncle?
why not say so
Why hide it
why post for your uncle like you are a customer
why am I not told that he is uncle until after all this


by German Shepherd on 27 December 2017 - 19:12

This review I found on Yellow pages, go see for yourself


BUYER’S BEWARE OF LINO VON CALVO GERMAN SHEPHERD breeder. I went to Lino Calvo, from Tennessee to Miami, for a male that I made clear before purchase that I wanted to breed. At pick up he gave me some paperwork which included a general information (receipt) and a health certificate. He had me set up from the minute I left. When I discovered the dog had no scrotum. I called Mr. Calvo in a panic and text pictures and he said no worries, I’ll get you another replacement male puppy and I know you and I know you love your dogs. There would be no use in me taking the dog back as I would just have to rehome him. I assured him that if he wanted the dog back I would give him back. He strung me along for some time with this line When the promised replacement pup would have been six weeks I called Lino and he stated that both of the litters had been lost. It was at this point that Lino promised to give a pup at some later date (after the lawful remedy period) so I contacted my attorney and he advised me to send Lino a text requesting that he put the promise of replacement in writing. I sent the text and Lino refused. I retained Justine Mikolaitis, an animal law attorney in Florida. The first negotiation, he stated he wanted the dog back so he could euthanize him. In the end of negotiation with attorney, when I would not agree to sign a contract of nondisclosure, Lino told me to sue him. I filed a grievance with the State as a violation of Pet Lemon Laws. The State sent Lino a letter asking for a response to my grievance and that is when it came out that he had me set up from day one. At the bottom of the receipt, which he asked me to sign below the payment information was statute waiver language. The signature line was above the statute waiver which was in very tiny 4 point font that was so small I did not even see it. So, Lino Calvo took my hard earned money and I got a dog that needs an expensive surgery and can never produce anything for my family. BUYERS BEWARE… 12-17-2017

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 28 December 2017 - 11:12

I tried to follow all of this and got a little confused. Does anyone have a Pedigree from AKC for Sasha? If not, anyone can buy an online one for $15.

I can say this much. The sire and dam pedigrees are correct, however, I can not verify that Tyson and Jana are the correct sire and dam for Sasha.

According to the listed dam Jana vom Demenhof's AKC number (DN28631003), she was registered with the AKC in the summer of 2010 and she very likely could have produced a litter in the USA in Oct 2011. However, according to the SV she produced a "P" vom Demenhof litter on Jul 04,2013 which was registered with the SV in Germany (sire Fulz di Zenevredo). Then she produced a von Calvo Litter on Feb 03,2014 in the USA.

Sasha's second listed sire Tyson vom Köttersbusch, was in Germany and produced several litters around Oct 2011.
Sasha's first listed sire Peik vom Holtkämper Hof, was also in Germany at this time producing several litters.

So since both sires were in Germany and the dam was in USA it does not seem plausible. But I can not definitely say. There is always AI.


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