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by Videx on 22 August 2013 - 08:08

SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Kassel
vom 30. August - 01. September 2013

SV Announcements

VA groups in the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau (supplement)
from 07.08.2013 regarding the publication of the VA groups in the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau has led to a number of inquiries from the membership.
The judging in the working dog class males and females remain in their usual form, so that the participants in the last races of the competition is still open and up to the definition of VA groups by the incumbent judge an appropriate ranking will take place in the ring.

Only for the presentation and discussion of the Dog in the VA group is then called in catalog number order.

VA groups in the SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau

The improvement of the current situation in the breeding of the German Shepherd is not only the job that results from the post of club breed warden, but also the personal concerns of the newly elected office-holder Lothar Quoll. 

For his term of office he has five core themes defined, and their treatment has already begun.
1 Health / fitness of the German Shepherd 
2 Return the size to standard size 
3 Broadening the base and reducing blood of inbred 
4 Promote the use efficiency 
5 Control of breeding failures towards the pattern dog 

These issues are closely interlinked with each other and so do the measures within the different areas must be coordinated
. ,
The will to change is also reflected in different resolutions of the Federal Assembly in 2013 when it comes to increased requirements in the healthcare sector is to obtain the highest genetic evaluations.
Wellbeing of the breed also includes the widening of the blood base and, consequently, a reduction of inbreeding coefficients.
Experience of the recent past have shown that, despite almost similar or the same quality under the rated "Excellent selection" dogs, selection often oriented by the breeders in the placement within the group.

The resulting narrowing of blood base is the breeding range in the club contrary to and thus does not contribute to the health of the breed of the German Shepherd.

Based on these considerations result the decision of the SV-board, the winning titles in the adult classes (stock hair) suspend first males and females in the Bundessiegerzuchtschau and to renounce the previous habitual ranking within the VA groups. 

VA groups in the next Bundessiegerzuchtschauen are therefore in the catalogue numbers sequence in introduced Stadion and honored. Their main office SV

by Mackenzie on 22 August 2013 - 14:08

Hooray, at last some common sense from the SV.  I would like to wish Lothar Quoll all the very best in taking this very brave and bold step in the interest of the breed.


by Mackenzie on 23 August 2013 - 04:08

Considering the importance of the changes being made by the SV together with the aims of Lothar Quoll I am surprised at the lack of interest by the readers of the PDB.

What do the changes mean? In my opinion any movement away from the bloodlines that we see at the moment will change much in the breed and, hopefully, produce animals nearer to the breed standard which has stood for so many years and adopted worldwide. The big problem is that the changes for the betterment of the breed will take many years you accomplish. Once the President Dr Christopher Rummel passed the reins over to Hermann Martin the breed has seen rapid changes in the many facets of the breed. The only way to make these changes so quickly was to have a programme of inbreeding using very closely related animals and continue with this for a long period of time. One of the main factors was to produce the colour of dogs as we see today, grey dogs along with the blacks and bi-colour animals were excluded from the programme. In order to produce such a rapid change there had to be some co-operation from breeders and this is clear from the false pedigrees that appeared during the early period of the beginnings. When the reins passed from Hermann Martin to the next person we noticed that the breeders who had continued success under Dr Martin began to disappear. Was that because the suddenly did not produce good animals any more using the same breeding families before the changeover? I think not. A change in power meant that different people had periods of success. These small groups changed following changeovers at the top. Every time a change occurred a new group of successful people were consistently favoured. One of the results of this is the bottlenecks that began to appear and create difficulties for breeders.

All of the foregoing brings up the point that whatever good was done, if any, has meant that all of the undesirable faults and traits have been stamped in so deeply that it will take many years to put right. Hopefully, Germany will make the changes needed and, if so, we can expect to see a different German Shepherd than we see today. For those in the rest of the world who do not want to see change then they can shut their eyes to what the breed needs and continue to breed more of the same thanks to the lack of regulation.


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