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by iluvmyGSD on 07 January 2008 - 15:01

two moons>>>If he's forging ahead of you hes not paying attention to you.   With a firm grip and no warning do a right turn around and dont look back.   Dont slow down or stop or tug, just lock the leash to your body and do it.<<<

i've never used the long leash....but i do something similar to this without it...(i did start out doing this with a regular size leash, when he was a lot younger)...when we go out in the back field, as we are walking--when he he is ahead of me- i will suddenly take off in the other direction...i get maybe two steps and he turns and chases after me..a little ways down the field, he's already running ahead..i turn again, he he follows...if/ when he gets distracted by something in the woods, he goes in the woods, i take off running away from the woods...without calling him, within seconds he's crashing out to follow me....he acts like he doesn't pay attention to where i am, but i know he does...but he only shows it if he thinks im leaving him, or HIS to think of it, i thought by doing that i was showing him that i was in control and that i could leave him anytime...maybe he actually thinks he's in control because all he has to do is come out and look at me and I RETURN to HIS he is herding me...hummm, am i the sheep?

i kinda have another question....i can get him to heel somewhat on-leash with treat or a toy,and he will not take his eyes off of me with either , but that presents another problem...he is soo food driven  that he will pratically take my hand off when i try to hand him a do i stop that? and with a toy,--my kids can walk around with a toy or something he wants, and it is beautiful to watch, he will heel perfectly for them, he will walk right beside them and just stare at them waiting calmly for them to throw the toy for him or give him a treat.....if i try to do this then he is all over me, jumping and trying to take the toy(wanting to play tug).... i think this is because i never allow the kids to play tug with him, they are only allowed to throw a toy so he will wait for them to throw it....and i keep him away/ fuss at him when the kids are eating their own food....but no one has ( i have) never fussed at him for reciving food from me, and i play tug with him all the do i get him to heel and WAIT for the reward, not try to take the reward from me...when he does heel right, i want to reward him, but then im just rewarding bad behavior with it, like taking my hand with the reward...

i am gonna  give the long leash thing a try tho..i think your right about him not having enough leash work, i let him off leash in the yard so he can excercise and play, but i guess i souldnt do that until he is trained on-leash,  and with a long leash he will still have room , but i will still have control.....thanks for the advice..i dont have a reg. long leash on-hand, but i do have a rope under the barn that about 50 ft. i use that untill i get one.. thanks for the advice..

stronbond--- thanks for the advice too......that IS one of my problems...he's getting to be a big dog and im not very big myself...i don't think he really takes me guess im not a very dominant person (not a but i think he is a very dominant dog..... he seems to not feel pain, acts like he doesnt even feel a choke collar...Ive even tried jabbing his side with my fingers (this works some inside but not outside) or tapping his side with my foot, like ceaser does..<<lol...but he basicly just rolls his eyes at me like he's saying " are you kidding me?.."..

if it comes down to it, i guess i will have to get a prong collar...but i worry that it may be to much force..i don't have much experi

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